McFunkypants 9


Vancouver Canada   Jan 2012  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Game Soundtracks


My goal this year: AMBIENT GAME SOUNDSCAPES: loops with soft atmospheric presence, designed to be in the background.

ABOUT ME: I am a game developer. I run where a few thousand gamedevs challenge themselves to write videogames as fast as possible (One Game A Month), much like FAWM does for musicians.

I've written a couple books, a dozen articles, and about 30 games and songs. You can check them out on my blog:

I'd love to connect with you: I always watch back.

Kind regards,

Christer Kaitila


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  • @mdavisto  Mar 1

    I thought we'd lost you there! Good to know you're still with us.

  • @mdavisto  Feb 2

    Yes! He's here!

    Funk levels are dangerously low. Only you can save us.

  • @mdavisto  Jan 16

    Pants of funkiness! Lay some on me.