maxbjornson 7


Chicago USA   Feb 2010

Artist Bio

Weird voice

Songs (7)

#1 Say it Right 2
Feb 2018
#2 Eat the Rich @jfrost 2
Feb 2018
#3 Rock n Roll @jfrost 3
Feb 2018
#4 Seen you in Weeks 2
Feb 2018
#5 The Rain Song 1
Feb 21
#6 Eyes all Ablaze 1
Feb 22
#7 Acid Cupcake 2
Feb 28


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  • @thejules Feb 22

    Hey, I’m ok, it’s been a brutal month this year for FAWM. I’m going to salvage what I can of FAWM this year and see what I can post this weekend but I have been so sick I haven’t had a voice most of the month so I’m pretty bummed at how that affected things. I’ve been creating though so at least there’s that momentum that FAWM helped me gain but just sucks I still don’t have much that is ready to post just yet. Looks like you’re kicking ass though this year, good for you!

  • @steffan  Jan 2018

    Hey, daddy.