mauramer 5


Vancouver Canada   Feb 1

Artist Bio

First-time FAWMer!

I have a lot of practice arranging music and coming up with accompaniments, but I have a bad habit of writing bits and pieces of songs (a verse melody here, a chord progression there) and never doing the work of stitching them together to make a complete song. Therefore, my FAWM 2017 goals are:
- to fit lyrics and melodies together in ways that flow naturally when sung
- to write both a verse and a chorus for each song


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  • @piney  Feb 24

    Thanks for listening!

  • @piney  Feb 8

    Thanks so much for your comment! It is unsettling how well the context goes with the setting and sound of glow. I noticed that too. 😮

  • @aflinner Feb 2

    Welcome to FAWM!