Matt Pierce 17


Sun Prairie USA   Jan 2007  

Artist Bio

Influences:   too many to list

Here it is 2018 and it's my eleventeenth year doing this!
Yeah baby! How about them apples!
Right now, all I can think about are numbers!
That's what I do, I work with a few formula's and mash numbers together and see if they come out as intended!

I guess what I'm trying to say,
Is words are coming out hard today!
Just too hard to write a song,
Tomorrow one might come along!

g'night zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Here it is 2017
another year of
livin' the dream!


I am:
A designer at a rubber hose plant during the day (yeah, I'm a "hoser" 😝) and at night I aspire to be a singer/songwriter. I play hockey in an old farts league, play golf, fish (walleyes and early crappies) and love gardening too!

This year I have been picking up some gigs at the local establishments near my home of Sun Prairie, Wisc.
Enuf said, lets have some fun! 😀


A few things worth noting, comparing musicians and engineers:
1) Pocket protectors work great for storing guitar picks! 😀
2) Changing everybody's windows settings in the office to a Slash guitar solo during windows start-up, isn't such a great idea, to some! 😏
3) And finally, musicians sometimes change their shirts! 😁


Sing with your heart,
and write like it's art! 😀

Songs (17)

#1 UR my light 10
2 weeks
#2 Why am I doing this? 2
2 weeks
#3 Ain't goin' down that road again 2
2 weeks
#4 Just shut-up 2
2 weeks
#5 I left the toilet seat up again 4
2 weeks
#6 Its the fawmsong countdown @wsharper69 ZONG
1 week
#7 Streets of Gold @wsharper69 ZONG
1 week
#8 Flush @wsharper69 2
1 week
#9 Beer Belly Blues @wsharper69 1
1 week
#10 Curmudgeons lament 1
1 week
#11 Streets of Gold @wsharper69 3
1 week
#12 Matty oh Matty @wsharper69 ZONG
5 days
#13 Horses Mouth @wsharper69 ZONG
5 days
#14 Flush @wsharper69 1
3 days
#15 Beer belly Blues @wsharper69 4
2 days
#16 Popcorn song @wsharper69 ZONG
2 days
#17 It's crowded in Heaven 3
15 hours


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    Great to see you back again Matt!

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    Hey Matt!

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    Hiya, BD Matty, good to see you, man.

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    Great to see you here, Matt! I remember a while back, you said you might be dun with the FAWM thing: guess it's got you in its grip!

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    hello Matt! how goes it?

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    Welcome back! looking forward to hearing what you will create this year

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    Hi Matt! It's great to see you back for another year! (=

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    BDM is in the house!!

    For timekeeping, I just nod my head. I'm married, so I know how to do that!

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    Happy FAWMing!

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    All this white stuff is just icing on the cake.

    To the songs man!