Martin Quibell 56


Newark-on-Trent UK   Jan 2013  

Artist Bio

Influences:   All sorts, from classic to hard rock, via pop, punk, soul, reggae, ska, electronica, and almost everything.

I am starting to lose track of time, but I think this is maybe the fifth of sixth FAWM for me.

What I do know is that it will be fun all the way.

I have a vast array of musical instruments - acoustic guitars, classical guitar, electric guitars, travel acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, electric 4 and 5-string basses, soprano ukulele, baritone ukulele, tenor ukulele, mandolins, tambura, sarod, electric harmonium, pianorgan, electronic keyboard, bongos, tambourines, maracas, egg shakers (including FAWM ones), cowbell, triangle, xylophone, marimba, castanets, guiro, zither, didgeridoo, stylophone, melodica, harmonicas (lots of them, both chromatic and non-chromatic), tin whistles, soprano recorders, bass recorder, magic flute, Chinese Bamboo Flute, and more that I can't remember!


My internet usage is limited to whatever my mobile phone provider allows, and the odd wifi hotspot.

On the 8th of February I will be in a professional recording studio, where I'm making it up on the spot.

Unfortunately, my digital 12-track recorder gave up the ghost last year, and needs a replacement hard drive.

I am experimenting with apptronica more this year, and have a few collaborations already arranged.

Songs (56)

#1 Rain (Storm Project Piece) 16
7 weeks
#2 Clouds They Gather (Storm Project Piece) 16
7 weeks
#3 To Dance With You 17
6 weeks
#4 I Feel Super 12
6 weeks
#5 In The Wild 7
6 weeks
#6 Voice of the Storm 5
6 weeks
#7 Storm Brewer 6
6 weeks
#8 A Calm Breeze in the Middle of a Storm 6
6 weeks
#9 A Candle Flickers 5
6 weeks
#10 Exhibit A () @andygetch  10
5 weeks
#11 Snow Moon 4
5 weeks
#12 I'm Sorry 10
5 weeks
#13 The Storm Sets In 1
5 weeks
#14 Mysterious 7
5 weeks
#15 Crooked Road 2
5 weeks
#16 Head Brain Cranium Go 2
5 weeks
#17 Golden Gondola 6
5 weeks
#18 Speak 7
5 weeks
#19 Ascension (Lifted Higher) 5
5 weeks
#20 I'm Sorry (New Demo by Pete Murphy) @petemurphy  10
5 weeks
#21 Timetables 10
5 weeks
#22 Misunderstandings 11
4 weeks
#23 Veggie Bacon 4
4 weeks
#24 I Believe 6
4 weeks
#25 Space walker 3
4 weeks
#26 I Cannot Tell @cindyrella  7
4 weeks
#27 187 ZONG
4 weeks
#28 Sweet Lullaby 7
4 weeks
#29 My True Destiny (NEW DEMO) @petemurphy  10
4 weeks
#30 Fadeaway @anonymouse  8
4 weeks
#31 Dog On A Leash (4-track challenge tape 11) @standup  11
3 weeks
#32 What Am I @ajna1960  8
3 weeks
#33 Palindrome 4
3 weeks
#34 One Day We Will Understand 4
3 weeks
#35 Elephant In The Kitchen 7
3 weeks
#36 I Never Knew @fourzeroes  1
3 weeks
#37 Let's Go Have Some Fun @alboe 1
3 weeks
#38 Strolling Through Chinatown @dragondreams  8
3 weeks
#39 Exhibit E (Prog Rock Exquisite Corpse 2) @jamkar  1
3 weeks
#40 Unexploded Bomb 3
3 weeks
#41 Letting Go 6
3 weeks
#42 You Call Me Out @ajna1960  5
3 weeks
#43 The Threes 7
3 weeks
#44 Let Them Eat Steak (Lyrics First Corpse 1) @corpsecorps 10
3 weeks
#45 The Thrill Of Memory (Lyrics First Corpse 2) @corpsecorps 1
3 weeks
#46 Exhibit C - Exquisite Corpse @corpsecorps 1
3 weeks
#47 Exhibit E - Progressive Corpse PLACEHOLDER @corpsecorps ZONG
3 weeks
#48 One Fine Day @cindyrella  2
3 weeks
#49 No Boundaries (EIGHT LINES CHALLENGE) @kahlo2013  3
3 weeks
#50 Instrumental G Sharp Pieces 1
3 weeks
#51 Pentagonale INST 3
3 weeks
#52 Exquisite Corpse B - Progressive Rock @corpsecorps 7
3 weeks
#53 These Cats Is Cooking 2
3 weeks
#54 2016 Interim Kaiju Corpse 2
3 weeks
#55 Sloopy 4
3 weeks
#56 Unused backing track 6
3 weeks


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  • @fearlessflight2014  1 week

    Just a note to say I DID actually finish my kitchen lyric you commented on. If you are curious.

  • @zzomar 2 weeks

    not sure if you can see me tagging you under my own songs Oo anyway, part 4+5 have uploaded demos. my drummer is awayfor the weekend, he will make a propper mix with drums next week i hope 😀

  • @pipewrench67  3 weeks

    Martin check this guy out especially 21-25

  • @kahlo2013  3 weeks

    Cool melody! And I actually took those 8 lines and morphed them into a complete lyric that you are welcome to wrk with if you would like!

  • @tobyvok 3 weeks

    hi marvsmooth

    I would be happy for you to record some music for "some pages never return", if you are interested. I may record some music for these songs myself at some point but in the meantime I welcome sneaky late collaborations!

  • @donna  3 weeks

    Martin, in case you're interested, the demo is now - 2 years later - finally up for 'She Was the Dump Truck, I Was the Load'. 😀

  • @vomvorton  3 weeks

    Yes, I wasn't sure how best to add those two tapes, didn't want to take comments away from the real version. Have added them as 'private' now, thanks.

  • @rickatfulcrum  3 weeks

    Check your inbox bro..

  • @kahlo2013  3 weeks

    Oh oh oh I am so happy to see a placeholder for me!!! I thought I was forgotten ---😍

  • @metalfoot  3 weeks

    As stitcher, I say you have every right to claim tracks as yours. Without the stitcher, the corpse wouldn't exist!

  • @sueawesome 3 weeks

    ever thought of using the 'artists favorite' feature? so when the rest of us don't have time to listen to everything in February and want a little cut to the chase..we can listen to what's best with the time we have?

  • @ajna1960  3 weeks

    Morning Martin ! I just added you as collab to What Am I 😎 thank you very much 😊 I can't wait !

  • @bachelorb  3 weeks

    I'd like to put it up since my Fawm count is somewhat lacking....(plenty of ideas though.... maybe I'll knock some out this weekend....).
    I'll just grab the link and put it in the liner notes

  • @scottlake 3 weeks

    Martin, I may have to bow out of the prog rock E.C. As I now have some commitments that will remove most of my remaining time until the end of February. If you can send me what you have now there is a chance I can do something on Saturday, but Sunday is now mostly already committed

  • @brownium  4 weeks

    Thanks for the shout out on the uke thread!

    You are smokin it eh? 30 songs and a week to go!

  • @petemurphy  4 weeks

    Martin, how's this for a rough idea? I had the mic input set too high, so it distorts a bit in places, but you'll get the idea...

  • @kahlo2013  4 weeks

    Got it sounds good!!!!!

  • @mosley  4 weeks

    Right on Martin! My email is brianvernmosley at gmail dot com😸

  • @cindyrella  4 weeks

    I sent you an email

  • @roy  4 weeks

    Hey @marvsmooth , I think i changed the permissions on the file so you could download it. Let me know if that works or not, i can also put it on a dropbox or something

  • @fuzzy  4 weeks

    No worries about the vocals. I'm sure my part will be totally instrumental.

  • @roy  4 weeks

    Hey marv, here is my contribution to the prog rock exquisite corpse track ; i didn't do a good job of reading the instructions, unfortunately took it in a way more rocky direction than Goblin, etc. If you all don't want to use it, i have no hard feelings. next time i will read better! There's a version including the prev 10 seconds, where I start blending into it, and also a version where the prev 10 is not part of the mix.

  • @anonymouse  5 weeks

    Hey,if ye want a tracking number please send me an email. (it cost a fair bit for express so I hope it won't languish in some quarantine warehouse)

  • @anonymouse  5 weeks

    I finished my track. Didn't get a chance to post today but will do so via express tomorrow.

  • @petemurphy  5 weeks

    Evenin'! Yeah, I'm cool with doing whatever you want.
    The reason it was 'take 2' is because I was reading the lyrics on my tablet, and the screen decided to turn itself off :-p
    Thank you for offering to collab on them. Really great lyrics.
    I hope you and Louise are well.

  • @petemurphy  5 weeks

    Martin, I just quickly put this together...

  • @cindyrella  5 weeks

    Sure Martin. Give it a try if you'd like. Thanks!

  • @woodmeister  5 weeks

    Hi Marv, all is well thanks. Just off to a very very very very slow start this year 😉

  • @anonymouse  5 weeks

    okay, that's cool. -- of course I meant to dub it into one track.
    I'll see how I go with just the synth at the mo.
    Hopefully it will be heading express your way tomorrow!

  • @anonymouse  5 weeks

    Hi there,
    you are next in line for the cassette I've got.
    So far we have drums, I am working on synth and wondering if I should also try some bass. I haven't done this before. Do you bounce ideas off one another? [what are your inclinations (I am wondering)] - Will have to give your tracks a listen soon 😀
    Anyhow, if you want to:
    my ea male is dazelnut (Xxx) gmail

  • @petemurphy  5 weeks

    Martin, I have a bit of an idea for I'm Sorry. I just put some quick ideas down into my phone. I'll try to get a recording together on the handheld recorder tomorrow.

  • @mattblick  5 weeks

    Egg avatar? it's like twitter all over again!

  • @jamkar  5 weeks

    That was some nice acoustic soloing on Exhibit A Martin! Really enjoyed it!

  • @metalfoot  5 weeks

    Beautiful work in your chunk of Exhibit A!

  • @larry 6 weeks

    Hi Martin. If you want to do something with Heaven Or Hell, I'd love to hear it.

  • @timfatchen  6 weeks

    Goodness me...I haven't dropped by. Mea culpa.

  • @cindyrella  6 weeks

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blues song. I think Tasha will do it good.

  • @fourlife 6 weeks

    Hey Marv!! Glad to see you back and already going strong. Happy FAWMing!

  • @samhealer 6 weeks

    Ah, great to see you back again Martin!

  • @tinam 7 weeks

    hiya martin! just saying hello in my lunchbreak & i see you have already left the starting blocks!

  • @fuzzy  7 weeks

    Hey, I'm not sure why I didn't have you Watchlisted already! Well you are now!

  • @cindyrella  7 weeks

    Hi there! I will get back to listen in the morning

  • @pipewrench67  7 weeks

    Until I read that Fripp entry I was completely unaware that they new each other before Crimson was born.

  • @rayboneor  7 weeks

    Let's do it!

  • @arthurrossi 7 weeks

    Hey! I am very happy to see you here again! Wish you a beautiful February!

  • @scubed  7 weeks

    Marv, hello! So nice to see you here again. Happy FAWMing!

  • @clioem  7 weeks

    Happy FAWMing this year once more good sir

  • @dragondreams  7 weeks

    Mr Smooth! You made it! 😀

  • @cloudboy  7 weeks

    Yo, Martin! Flex those FAWM muscles in 3...2...

  • @woodmeister  7 weeks

    Hi Marv, have a good one yourself. I'm fastening my seatbelt ready for the FAWM craziness to begin!

  • @tamsnumber4  7 weeks

    Hi Martin! Looking forward to hearing your FAWM creations!

  • @petra777  7 weeks


  • @petemurphy  7 weeks

    Evenin'! Lyns and I are good, thanks. Hope you and Louise are well.

    I have no idea what stripped down Pete is going to sound like. We'll find out in a few days... 😀

  • @kahlo2013  7 weeks

    Martin! Looking forward to hearing where your creative muse takes you this coming month and hoping that some of my lyrics might call out to you!

  • @mosley  7 weeks

    Right on Martin, thanks for sending positive vibes my way 😀 Yeah man, I'm totally still up for a collaboration!!

  • @thetau  7 weeks

    Hello again Martin
    May the FAWM be with you
    Russ 😀

  • @mosley  7 weeks


  • @writeandwrong  7 weeks

    Hello, hello! Looking forward to spending the next month seeing what you do! Best wishes!

  • @standup  7 weeks

    Hello and welcome back!

  • @jamkar  7 weeks


  • @petemurphy  7 weeks