Madeline Wright 6


Carson USA   Jan 2006  

Artist Bio

Influences:   eisley, sucre, cat stevens, reverie sound revue, ben folds, the weepies, sister rosetta tharpe, punch brothers

Madeline has been playing musical instruments and singing since she was a kid. Her first instruments were the xylophone and kazoo. She later moved to the piano at the age of 7. At 15, she received her first guitar and has been playing one and writing music since. Her sound is honest and her style is unique. In 2018 she's attempting to write 14 songs in February or lose a bit of sleep trying.

Last year she challenged herself to recognize and honor contributions to the American music soundscape from African-American female musicians in her lyrics and music: using stylings, about topics, and in formats inspired by some fabulous musicians. You can learn more about that on

This year it's all free-style.

A couple of songs will be up on Soundcloud and linked here at some point. All songs are works in progress at least through the end of February. Constructive feedback is appreciated. 😀

Songs (6)

#1 Forgotten 6
2 weeks
#2 Don't Let the Sun Go Down 2
2 weeks
#3 Talkative 1
2 weeks
#4 Baby Steps 1
1 week
#5 Beige and Blue ZONG
1 week
#6 Red Light ZONG
53 mins


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  • @rustyp 1 week

    Just joining up with fellow FAWMers in SoCal. 😀

  • @crimulus  1 week

    Thanks for the comment Madeline! I'm really slow this year at checking out others' songs, but I promise I'll be back by to check out what you've done too.

  • @nancyrost  2 weeks

    I actually don't have a musical theater background, but I think I have absorbed a lot of that feel as a piano teacher who's had a lot of students who want to learn that material. Thanks for coming to listen!