lurspetka 6


04250 Kerava Finland   Feb 2016

Artist Bio

Influences:   Bill Clinton, George Clinton, George Clanton

Second FAWM. Better ideas, stronger songwriting, thematic brilliance.

Last year I made songs using lyrics from various personal ads. The results were beautiful, funny and totally enjoyable. All songs are available here:

This year my aim is to construct sung messages for characters from movies, books and such. I will take a look into their personalities and actions from my point of view and possibly give 'em hell.

Still using the same "gear" as last year: an iPad and Garageband. Nothing more.


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  • @hazeyjohnii  Feb 4

    Thank you very much for your kind words. Your songs are making me very happy this year, they have all made me laugh out loud so far. Maybe I shouldn't say that, but please take it as a compliment, I'm guessing from your pic that you will...