lucifershot 14

Artist Bio

Influences:   All of the things. Most of the time.

Guitars/Nord/Shouting/Pop-songs in St Lucifer ( - Much less Pop in Val/Kyrie + various other off-kilter avant-pop noisy mucking about type stuff. Mis-manages by night, Mis-manages elements of by day


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  • @stillforever Feb 17

    Your musical productivity is putting me to shame. I'm going to drink rum and throw some sounds at something.

  • @lucifershot Feb 2018

    Classic 'write down list of track titles on Day 1 then throw things at the wall until something sticks' method

    First track I wrote didn't fit the opening title at all - so it's all gone a bit 'random bingo'

    Given lack of time/current mental health this is probably not surprising

  • @stillforever Feb 2018

    I have an appreciation for the fact that your track numbers are in a non-chronological state of being.