losinglara 10

Artist Bio

Isn't "bio" already short? lmao

I write nerdy music (mostly).

Songs (10)

#1 Too Much 6
Feb 2
#2 You'll Be Okay 5
Feb 4
#3 E-V-I-L 2
Feb 6
#4 All Your Favs Are Problematic 3
Feb 6
#5 Everyone Who Meets Me Hates Me 1
Feb 9
#6 Comment Section 2
Feb 9
#7 Paper and Ink (scratch track) 3
Feb 14
#8 Don't Piss Off (A Hufflepuff) 3
Feb 17
#9 Dear Body 1
Feb 18
#10 Trying 1
Feb 23


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  • @tamsnumber4 Feb 14

    Girl, who are you, what a great writer you are! You need to get around the board a bit and comment and get folks in here to see what you are creating! Your writing can inspire!

  • @zecoop  Feb 6

    I enjoyed your song a lot that came up on the random play! It's actually the second song I know about that topic that uses the word problematic! (Yours sounds very different and was great so no worries). I played bass guitar on this song by NYC singer Nathan Leigh and I thought you might enjoy it.
    "Most of My Heroes Are Pretty Damn Problematic"

    I look forward to listening to more of your songs! 😀

  • @mybravehenry Feb 2