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Lakewood USA   Feb 18  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Steve Reich, Phillip Glass, Loren Nerell, Rychard Cooper, John Adams, John Luther Adams, Fred Frith, Robert Wyatt, Mike Oldfield, Mike Weber, Anton Webern, Alban Berg, Klaus Schulze, Klaus Nomi, Robert Wilson, Robert Anton Wilson, Wilson Phillips, Phillip K Dick.

Sander Roscoe Wolff is a life-long musician. He began making tapes of environmental sounds when he was in elementary school, and began studying studio recording and electronic music in the early 80s, working with Moog modular and Oberheim SEM instruments and early digital synthesis. He is currently one half of the improvisational electronic music duo, Toaster Music, but has performed in a variety of settings including playing bass in rock bands. He's created kinetic sculptures for SoundWalk, and participated in extended multi-hour performance rituals as part of the Hop-Frog Kollectiv. He was also part of Ain Soph Aur (The Limitless Light) with Carl F Off, progressive psychedelic band Blue Dot, the rock trio Quiverfish, and the singer/songwriter outfit, Poor Old Joe. For nearly 8 years, he also served as the Culture Agent columnist for the Long Beach Post.

Songs (27)

#1 Three To Win 4
Feb 18
#2 Countdown (7654 [321]) 7
Feb 18
#3 In Seine Rapids 5
Feb 18
#4 Walking in Central Park 3
Feb 18
#5 Walking in Central Park - Moog Modular 5
Feb 18
#6 A Non-Gender Specific Object Being Consumed by Fire 3
Feb 18
#7 Lullabye 8
Feb 18
#8 Circular Thinking 2
Feb 18
#9 A Broken Vessel 2
Feb 18
#10 Double Jointed 2
Feb 18
#11 Changmai Escape 2
Feb 18
#12 Sweeping The Steppes (Live) 2
Feb 18
#13 The Empty Mirror 2
Feb 18
#14 Dust Devils 2
Feb 18
#15 Love Is (For Shari) 2
Feb 18
#16 Above the Kermadec Trench 2
Feb 18
#17 Discadance 2
Feb 18
#18 Baracha Nada 5
Feb 18
#19 Point Fermin Fog 3
Feb 19
#20 Sistema Sac Actun 2
Feb 20
#21 The Flemish Cap 2
Feb 21
#22 Kaddish - A Requiem for Humanity 7
Feb 22
#23 The Great Wall 2
Feb 23
#24 Bang Header 3
Feb 25
#25 Frederated 2
Feb 27
#26 Whitney Winds (Recorded live) 4
Feb 28
#27 Disco Fever 2
Feb 28


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  • @zecoop  Mar 21

    I'll definitely check it out...

  • @zecoop  Mar 21

    Trust me... I know that process well. I love building songs up one layer at a time. 😀

  • @zecoop  Mar 21

    I love what I'm seeing in your influences so I'll be checking out some music when I get back to my desk. 😀

  • @timfatchen  Mar 16

    It's way too late for saying this but still: if you respond to someone's comments on a song of yours, do it on their soundboard because it's odds on they won't see your response unless they both come back to the song AND read the comments. (I'm on Whitney Winds and saw your reply to @pipewrench67)

  • @engebretsen  Mar 2

    Thx a lot for comments on" Three of Wands" Nice that you noticed the norwegian musicians too. Keep up the good work you to!

  • @lenigmusx1  Mar 2

    Thank you for the comments on "Bog Ressurection". It was an awesome and fun Collab. I had no idea where the Bog People lyric was going to go. I just remember an article in Science Digest back in the 1990's, It talked all about the Peat moss and temperature in Scotland.
    It highlighted how anthropologists were flocking to these bogs because nearly completely preserved cadavers were being discovered. So well preserved that organic tissue remained after centuries. Totally intriguing and song worthy in my eyes.

  • @rustyp  Mar 1

    Hi, I'd like to invite you to the Southern California after FAWM event. Here's a link to the info in the forums.

  • @owl  Mar 1

    thank you for commenting on "the disaster preparedness handbook"!

  • @lbcsrw Feb 28

    @cynthiawolff I'm so happy to see you here! This is my first time participating...

  • @cynthiawolff  Feb 19

    Hello fellow Long Beach California Wolff....!!!