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Austin USA   Dec 13

Artist Bio

Influences:   Joni! Cyndi! Bjork! Joanna Newsom, Kate Bush,...some dudes too :): Beatles, Harry Nilsson, Jeff Buckley, Paul Simon, Nick Drake, my pops (Gary Taylor)...

Lace, remember that you started a song during FAWM on a 20 work minute break one day and finished it while driving around the next. No time is not an excuse. Love, Lacie

Songs (3)

#1 Puddle (fawm #2) 6
1 week
#2 It's Enough to Make You Crazy (FAWM #1) 5
1 week
#3 would be @kendrakinsey 3
1 week


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  • @cnidaria  2 days

    That is such a good idea to pick a song a week. I definitely find enough songs on here that warrant multiple listenings. I think I'm going to steal that idea next year!

  • @cnidaria  1 week

    An Austinite! I was living in Austin until just a few months ago. Where abouts in the city are you at?

    Anyways, thanks for your comment on Nine Lives. Glad to hear you enjoyed my very first attempt at hip hop. Haha. Also, I like your note to self about song writing during work breaks and in the car. Solid approach.