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Germany   Feb 2017

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Influences:   Everybody who writes songs with meaningful lyrics. I really like to 'listen' to songs... Early 80s Heavy Metal - when Metal and Fantasy were still one. Current german songsmiths like Xavier Naidoo, Andreas Bourani, Tim Bendzko. Reinhard Mey. Erich Fried. Goethe. Rilke, Ringelnatz, ... Who of course are no musicians, haven't been in their time. But perhaps they would have liked to, who knows... And so on....

Filker for more than twenty years, I haven't written anything since, I think, 2003.
Mother of a four-year-old, housewife, former media-designer and now student (Bachelor of arts in event management) again at day, devouring books at night and dreaming of this magic flowing out of my brain into my hands - this magic that transforms ideas into beautiful songs...

Since I have no talent for magic at all - I thought I'd try FAWM to get into a songwriting habit again - and stop being afraid of a white page of paper... 😉

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