Kissing in Public 8


Sheffield UK   Feb 2015

Artist Bio

Influences:   Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk, David Bowie, Phoenix, Chic, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Human League, Lou Reed, The Smiths, Serge Gainsbourg, Sebastien Tellier, The Knife, Super Furry Animals, Beach Boys

FAWM number 3!

More electronic bleepy nonsense then.

My voice is pretty wrecked at the moment... I'll be singing in all sorts of strange voices. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Songs (8)

#1 Real Life 18
Feb 2
#2 Known Unknowns 16
Feb 4
#3 Just Because You're Sorry 13
Feb 6
#4 Different Planes 7
Feb 11
#5 Millions Lost 12
Feb 12
#6 Innercity Dinosaur Hustle 9
Feb 14
#7 Republic Robot 5
Feb 17
#8 When the chips are down (you're gonna drop me like a hot potato) 7
Feb 17


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  • @robinkirby Feb 16

    great songs ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @spunky4455 Feb 14

    Hi, thanks for listening to our song! Glad you dug it. Yes, summery, reminds me of drinking outside in the heat, which I would rather be doing now. I need to get caught up on your FAWM library. Have a great month!

  • @beat  Feb 14

    Thx for listening and the words... *]

  • @fearlessflight2014  Feb 14

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on 'Lie Down'. I love my tenor guitar. I tune it a little lower because it is a guitar substitute for me. (I can only play things with 4 strings...)

  • @aflinner Feb 13

    hahaha....sure, chips, friesโ€”maybe even a yam! (And thanks for the comment on "Vultures").

  • @cblack  Feb 7

    Thanks for the comments! Regarding the VT-3, thanks for the review. I was probably going to use the sliders a fair bit if I got one, but mostly what I wanted to do with it was some electronica-inspired vocals.

    Speaking of... You asked for more dark FAWMtronica, and you shall receive it. Not just yet, but I'm planning on working on an even more epic electronica track tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @aflinner Feb 6

    Thanks for the feedback on In My Dreams, glad you liked it ๐Ÿ˜€ ....still waiting for the potatoes, haha

  • @thelowestbitter Feb 6

    Thanks for the comment on Snowflakes, would love to have you sing on it if there's any chance you're interested? Trying to get together some gang vocals for that last chorus. I put the info on the forums if you fancy it.

  • @atitlan Feb 6

    Haven't seen Human League in a while; they played my local festival (Bingley) a couple of years ago. I did see OMD supported by John Foxx on their 'English Electric' tour - never saw them in the 80s, so it was really great to hear things like 'Underpass', 'Souvenir' and 'Enola Gay' live.

  • @neonpaul Feb 4

    Oh yes i realised that! i meant instrument in terms of sound. it counts!

  • @atitlan Feb 2

    I like to try different things - they all work their way back into the synthpop eventually, which I'm sure will get an outing at some point this month.

  • @frenchcricket Jan 31

    Good luck dude - you're an old hand at this game now

  • @scottlake Jan 31

    Loved your showcase tune with the minimalist backing to the vocoder/auto tuned vocals. Pushing several 80's buttons for me; a good thing. Watchlisted.

  • @aflinner Jan 30

    Excited to hear what you bring this year to the brilliant multinational sonic potluck that is FAWM. I hope it has potatoes in it. You rock.

  • @clioem  Jan 30

    Yay! Bring on the science fiction madnesssss

  • @helene  Jan 30

    Happy FAWMing ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @mikeskliar  Jan 29

    thanks for listening!

  • @tobermory  Jan 29

    Great cover art! Okay, I'm sorta jealous now

  • @guatecoop  Jan 28

    +1 for Manu Chao!

  • @adforperu  Jan 28