kidwell 14


Chicago USA   Jan 30

Artist Bio

Influences:   Punk and experimental stuff, plus a decade studying as a folk singer :-P

This demo album's demo title is Laugh To Keep From Screaming.

I'm from New England. I taught myself to play guitar in middle school. Then I struggled with mental illness and freaky hallucinations, got kicked out of a huge songwriting organization when I was 17, almost killed myself, stayed alive because I discovered *love!* for the first time which was amazing, and felt a calling to move to Chicago. That's about it. I guess a lot of my songs are anti-authority. And they're about high school/college learning experiences, questioning religion and other old beliefs, and coping with mental illness. Most importantly I twist those stories and make them fun and dancey - that's my way of promoting transformation through music. I like to let listeners experience a new world, I mean, I like to think I can do that. I love to improvise. Sexuality is another big topic for me because I wasn't really able to express it as a kid. I don't specifically write about being Queer or an Aspie (Asperger Syndromite) much but I think it influences the lyrics.

Future music goals: I kinda want to sing in a punk band. I've played guitar for some rock operas and I'd love to do more of that too. I'm attempting to produce some music-based comic books.

BTW my name's Kat, or Kidwell, but usually Kat Kidwell.