Kevin Reid 5


Astoria USA   Feb 2008  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Josh Rouse, Ryan Adams, Paul Westerberg, grunge, indie, folk

FAWM 2018: I'm hoping to post three or four new songs this year. For part of the month I will be hiking down in Texas, so I won't have as much time as I usually do. But in any case, I love to hear what you all are working on!


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  • @johncrossman  2 weeks

    I'm coming back to listen to these 5 new tunes... glad to see you made an appearance, as I'm always happy to hear new Kevin Reid songs!

  • @mrcorbs79 3 weeks

    Thanks for your feedback on "I Still Have To Live Here." Yes, it was indeed a terrible situation, but it strengthened me in a lot of ways. That was exactly what I was going for with the pause at the end, sweet!

  • @angelinapowersuit 3 weeks

    Thanks for your feedback on "Cream of the Crop!" Can't say I can condone such behavior, just an active participant in it πŸ˜€ Good idea about the natural sound addition!

  • @ohkshea 3 weeks

    Thanks for listening to β€œI Know You Would,” and I appreciate the input!!

  • @misterd 3 weeks

    Thankyou very much for listening and the kind & insightful comments on my song ' Pilgrims progress ' . Cheers mate

  • @caterwauler 4 weeks

    Now don't make me blush πŸ˜€
    I remember when you fawmed every year, at some point it no longer felt necessary to reiterate our mutual appreciation. That was an eternity ago, so I'm glad we've renewed that old tradition.

  • @totallynotaspambot 5 weeks


  • @caterwauler 5 weeks

    You know, hyper-acute hearing has drastically changed my auditive perception. My aural environment often feels confusing, and I associate sounds with images, colours, words... Anything that makes them more intelligible. Especially when I make and listen to music.
    When I hear your guitar, it always conjures images of sunlight, shimmery waters, vast horizons. Golden and silver colours, warmth, gentleness -- In my subjective perception, all that is summarized in the word "splendour". And "inimitable" is because I would know it's you just upon hearing your guitar. I know nobody else who plays like you.
    It has nothing to do with the kind of guitar you use, nor with your setup : it's the way you play.
    For my part, I play on a guitar that has become barely functional, and with zoom pedals. Fortunately, guitar doesn't have to be prominent in the stuff I make nowadays.
    Glad I made you laughed anyway. πŸ™‚

  • @caterwauler 5 weeks

    "Mantra kind of sounds like a bird??"
    I've never heard any other cat meowing like him. He's got a very high voice -- bird-like at times, yes.

  • @chucknamaste 5 weeks

    Thanks for the kind words on my song β€œPieces”! Glad that you enjoyed it 😊

  • @natrin 7 weeks

    Glad to see you back! Good luck πŸ˜€

  • @caterwauler 7 weeks

    Wow, you're back! Glad to see you around.
    Curious as well to follow you on your sonic journeys. x

  • @johncrossman  7 weeks

    Yeah, post 3 or 4 songs, you should totally do that from Alaska or Texas or wherever. πŸ˜€