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Montclair USA   Jan 2011  

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Influences:   Eric Bachmann, Owen (Mike Kinsella), Land of Talk, Jimmy Eat World, Jeremy Enigk, Meric Long, Rocky Votolato, Cub Country, Jen Wood, Mice Parade, Mock Orange, Ryan Grisham, , Ben Gibbard

Year #8 for me.

Crazy...doesn’t even seem like it. Excited to see and hear what this year will bring! Going to attempt maybe straying away from all acoustic songs for this Fawm, but we’ll see. It’s easy to pick up a acoustic and start working on something.

I always wanted to venture into the electronic side of things and do some electronic synthy writing. I got a pretty sweet midi controller for Christmas and look forward to using it and creating some landscapes of sound.


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  • @cloudboy  5 days

    Yep. Harmonies all the way through. I was lazy and didn't automate. Happy you like it. If you want to throw drums on it, let me know and I'll send you the track. It could be another layer on the collaboration!

  • @balancelost  6 days

    Hey thanks for stopping by dude. I've been so crap at listening this month but it's always good to see a familiar face. I hope you can squeeze a few more out before the end of Feb

  • @mrcorbs79 1 week

    Yeah dude, I jut went for it in the living room once I had my note pattern. I didn't rehearse the Omni part beyond that, it was a straight take. Some of the delays make it seem off, and I definitely wasn't using a click for the Omni haha. I can see how bass would slide in nicely. Was that a bass joke? 😁 Omni never actually speeds up, probably just me getting excited and slamming on the harp early. I was kind of dancing around the room, man. I think you'll get a kick out of the most recent song post, brother. Can't wait for your next! This concept is so amazing, really brings it out of you.

  • @mungus  1 week

    And for the Sad Robot tune, I just messed around with Soft Synths until I got sounds I liked, I then usually write a bunch of chords which I set to loop, while I painstakingly type in notes in the Note Editor in my DAW, just drag them around and drop them where it feels right.

  • @mungus  1 week

    Hey man! Good to hear you're back, you're music last year was one of my FAWM highlights!

    Thanks for taking the time to listen through and digest my music, all of your comments have been amazing to read.

    On the How to dance by yourself track it is a lot of MIDI yes, but also a lot of guitars and bass crammed full of effects, flangers, octavers etc and an acoustic guitar. Was particularly chuffed with the guitar sound which kind of sounds like a monkey in the left ear I think?

    And you caught me... I think since "Trouble will find me" was released I've maybe double tracked all of my vocals an octave apart for every piece I've written. If you Like Matt's Vocals you should maybe check out Arab Strap, they're a Scottish Alternative band and their equally charismatic frontman has such a strong Baritone delivery. I probably owe a lot of how my vocals sound to each of them.

  • @mrcorbs79 1 week

    Another great success with "Riverside" man! The pace is perfect, I love the ambience of the keys and lead guitar eerily in the background. This one cascades very nicely. Great tune! And thanks so much for the kind words about "I Still Have To Live Here." You understand more than most, and were amazing support to me, then and now. Thank you.

  • @lhcisco  1 week

    KEN! I recorded me singing and the UKE together. Almost didn't but I got my crap together. The acoustic and the back up vocals are on their own different tracks. Probably could have done them on one together, but I was just winging it.

  • @wen  1 week

    @kenjku re: Meet me by the Riverside, go ahead and throw it up whenever 😀

  • @mrcorbs79 1 week

    First off, YES I SEE A SONG!!! Congrats brother. Thanks for checking and digging "Emerge" my friend. It actually wasn't a mic that dropped, but I did drop something hoping to get that effect. Success! Yeah, I made the mistake of thinking vox sounded good in the headphones and car, but didn't screen the SoundCloud stream before I posted it here. And I did the vox in one shot (not one take believe me haha), because I wanted that authentic live feeling). So the screams were on the same track and I didn't want them peaking. Oops-a-daizzz. I love the learning process of this.

    Just finished another, time to mix. Then tonight, I dive in and listen to you and the others that have commented, as I've been too distracted creating to take pause and admire!

  • @mrcorbs79 2 weeks

    Thanks so much for listening to "For Our Best Friends," Ken! And the comparison is very appreciated, really cool man. Can't wait to see what you have in store this year!

  • @cloudboy  3 weeks

    Thanks for listening to "Out of Mind", Ken. Looking forward to your synth creations.

  • @cloudboy  3 weeks

    Do it, Synthy Kennery!

  • @theawkwardsleep 3 weeks

    ooooh. I'm excited to see the electronic twist! Welcome back Ken! 😀 -Ru