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  Feb 2007  

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Influences:   Truth, sanity, immigration, civil rights, freedom of the press.

Racists, Repugnant Party supporters, and fans of President Troll are not welcome here.

That said, I don't like these songs. I don't like writing them, I don't like what they're about, and I don't like listening to them. But I write them for the same reason I read the news. Because I have to. We're probably in the most dire situation since Vietnam/Watergate, and maybe worse. Back then, when the President was proven to be a liar and a crook, both parties cooperated in ousting him. Not any more. It's perhaps more like living through the Civil Rights era, if Nixon had been elected in 1960, and Wallace in 1968. This is not a time to try to "very fine people" on both sides, or to avoid the problem, or to try to cheer people up.

Most of my songs this year will be composed and recorded almost entirely in the OP-1, a portable synth with a sequencer and a four-track recorder built in. It's a bit like recording to tape in that editing is not easy, and you have to bounce down often enough that you must make multiple cannot-undo decisions in the course of a single song. So these songs will be even more flawed than usual. Perhaps it's Flawm 2018.

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  • @mikeskliar  1 week

    that boss digital delay pedal I have might be slightly later the '83, tho its from , at the very latest, the early 90s..(googled the earliest they started making them and that was '83, i think) I know my mxr phase 45, tho, is from about 1978, early 79 at the latest (based on when I got it).

  • @mikeskliar  3 weeks

    great to see ya back here!

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    Nice one! I guess I'm welcome here. Welcome back to you!