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United States   Jan 2016

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I completed my first FAWM last year (2016) and it was so much fun...I did 50/90 for the first time shortly after and that was great too! I discovered the challenges to be a great way to stimulate more songs than I would produce on my own in 28 days. I wrote 21 songs on FAWM last year and collborated on 7. it was a hoot!

I would love to collaborate with musicians as I have personally found it to be a great learning experience. I like all sorts of different styles/genres of music. I like to experiment with different sounds for the same song, meaning I might have a melody, but I might like yours better. I might have a chosen genre, but I'm open to hearing others for the same lyric. Most of all, I like to have fun with the process.

For Collabs - All collabs are for fun within FAWM, I post on soundcloud and if publicly posted, I usually change it to private or delete after FAWM is over unless unless an agreement to do differently is arranged with my collaborators and I would like the same courtesy to be returned from my collaborators.

I like the idea of allowing various artists to interpret the same lyric, However, they will not be considered joint works. All contributions will be individually owned unless other agreements are made. I retain the rights to my own lyrics, melody, music while any who use my lyrics will retain the rights to their own creations, minus my lyric/melody/and or music.

I'm interested in maintaining relationships with the musicians who find my lyrics appealing and want to work with them. While I can do some vocals, I love to hear others do my songs too,

Songs (19)

#1 Black Ice Dangerous 2
Feb 2
#2 They'll Meet At Tilbury's Tavern @metalfoot  25
Feb 2
#3 Dry 2
Feb 3
#4 Battle Won, Systems Off 2
Feb 3
#5 Release the Lark 2
Feb 4
#6 Fine Threads of Fire 6
Feb 4
#7 Regular Washing Machine 9
Feb 6
#8 All That Gush 3
Feb 6
#9 Cast Your Die to the Fire 4
Feb 7
#10 I'm Drowning In A Lavendar Sea 11
Feb 8
#11 Love That Bleeds to Be Alive 3
Feb 10
#12 Mrs. C. @metalfootlings 6
Feb 11
#13 Play For Me, Play 4
Feb 13
#14 She's Lace And Hearts, Gentle Smiles And Teardrops 3
Feb 13
#15 Wreckage! 2
Feb 13
#16 Heaven's Silk 4
Feb 18
#17 Wicked Smaht! 6
Feb 19
#18 The Glow of Home @metalfoot  8
Feb 22
#19 I Can't Forget @metalfoot  6
Feb 25


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  • @jwhanberry  Mar 27

    Glad you liked "Flyin' By". A little glimpse of growing up during the Cold War. I remember how to "duck and cover". 😉

  • @jwhanberry  Mar 27

    Thanks for listening to and commenting on "Turn The Page". Glad you liked it. The wooden "thingy" is a guiro but not the usual type made out of a gourd or metal. It is a dense, dark wood. I can't identify it but it could be rosewood or Honduran mahogany. I found it at a very cool little percussion shop in Seattle. The ridges are much deeper and thicker than the usual ones. It also works as a wood block. Many sounds. Glad you heard it in there.

  • @zecoop  Mar 26

    Thanks for checking out Northern Lights... I was worried I would not have time to write anything for Alex, but that one just kind of fell out. I love when that happens. He did an amazing job finishing the song! 😀

  • @metalfoot  Mar 26

    Thanks for listening to Northern Lights! I really like it a lot. 😀

  • @metalfoot  Mar 24

    I know February's long over, but can I turn The Glow of Home into musics for you?

  • @ampersandman  Mar 15

    Thanks very much for your thoughtful comments! Much appreciated!

  • @ihelen  Mar 13

    Thanks for explaining more about lavender. I'm definitely going to try to grow some in the garden this year! 😀

  • @ihelen  Mar 13

    Hi KC - Yep! I sent you a message. We'll keep in touch! 😊

  • @ihelen  Mar 10

    Hi KC, Thank you for all your thoughtful comments on my songs! I've been going through more of your work, and am so impressed with your many talents. I feel like you are a gem that MORE people need to discover! I'll be back again to look at your other pieces. Have a wonderful weekend! 😀

    p.s. I've been cut off when commenting too, after I hit the submit button. I usually just go back and edit the post and for some reason, I'm able to type more into the post. I just need to remember or paraphrase what I wrote the first time before it got truncated. 😉

  • @ustaknow Mar 9

    ... yes, chocolate chip cookie dough... comfortably numb, behind the wall, on the dark side of the moon. That's how you can have your pudding.

  • @ustaknow Mar 9

    Just no disco, then you'll know; didn't see any yet. So, derUgo, -- success! 😀

  • @ustaknow Mar 9

    I got your other message, everything is fine. The feedback you seek, is in the referrals. However, if you may not see why, well, you are at a point where it is mostly self development, and as you suggest, face to face to move ahead, may be the better path. Who knows.

    For me, I know why I do this, -- do you?

    So, for e.g., if it's to write congregational songs, -- do that. What else would you need to learn? I grant you your Degree, -- you are now, here by Certified Christian Songwriter, able to proceed at your church. Have the preacher give me a call if needs further.

    Do that, then get the Chorus to sing it. Why not 1x a month 1 song? Take a prayer, add two chords, -- done, p&w.

    Music w/o a purpose driving it doesn't work so well ... that's how we got Disco.

  • @ustaknow Mar 8

    I hadn't thought of it, and don't know the gender breakdown here, -- a forum question? The majority of feedback I received was "female", -- I guess. I wonder what that makes mine? 😀 I responded to material. I assume the same. I see music as gender agnostic, and prefer, as I said to a few, I test relationship songs, if I can sing it to my goldfish, it makes sense.

  • @ustaknow Mar 8

    Well, if you don't think the people you engage musically affect you, then, there you go. As I said, I don't get it, and who knows. I did explain it, and consistently. -- Feedback is what?

    Anyway, there's a lot there to engage, and you asked, here. How could I know the specifics of what you ask? Reach out to them, possibly. Or, it's as you say. Like any feedback, especially specifically requested, it's useful or it's not. Who can know? If not, then skip it. Again, what is feedback based upon? And, again, I didn't offer it, you asked. More than that, I can't speak to.

  • @ustaknow Mar 6

    OK, from your two below this, request of, well as you asked on my SB:

    In no special order, -- and you'll have to consider the "why" for you(?) You may not agree, that's OK.

    @mitchmash - vocals and composition, and interaction
    - If I were you, I'd attempt to, with your own vocal style, "sing in her style"

    @ampersandman - vocals and composition, and interaction
    - This fellow from Germany, has a lot going on, artistically. You immediately may be put off by what is currently driving him. However, since his legitimate issue with the Church is at the very top of his list, I found his authentic transparency "useful" for me, to observe. Also, I would just as easily play in that style... --no one does anymore, not "here" anyway. Look past what may bother you, consider the Drivers for him and his output; igore the rest it's personal and not art. Any, most (not all, don't like the "extreme" stuff), of his songs if not prefaced... -- has a place, in many contexts

    @ihelen - vocals and composition, and interaction
    - soul of an artist, very authenticly transparent... a very intelligent individual and extremely hi-emotional-IQ

    @wacha - vocals and composition, and interaction
    - Ah, well, again overlook what you may not like personally. However, she has a lot going on, in a number of ways. Someone who knows what their doing needs to get hold of her vocal productions... I would have loved to have gone farther (in specific comments), but, heck, don't want to piss folks off. She sings the wrong Triad-chord note... she stops doing that... and she's over a road block, imo (again, not all her stuff, -- but, framings like us, remember)

  • @ustaknow Mar 6

    @tamsnumber4 - vocals and composition, and interaction
    - just lots going on good. again for you, "sing in her style", if I were you... She can go to #11 vocally, too, --but, doesn't "always"... yet conveys the "guts" of "it" even at #2

    @jibbidy34 - vocals and composition, and interaction
    - great, imo, husband and wife team. Just in general "liked" their stuff. Would I buy and blast a CD of her stuff? Maybe not, but not the point..., however, I would not be surprised if produced in the "right" direction (?)... went beyond the home studio... if even more Regional in the UK

    @cellogirl2017 - vocals and composition, and interaction
    - A very authentically transparent artist, in personal artist seek mode. Her videos, explanations, remind me of "me" (? - so to speak)..., but, she's a pretty "girl" -- so folks listen to her 😀 hahhh... no one cares what I have to say (stupid old white-guy) ... anyway, in general, a good one to review, if I were you, for many reasons in the others above too.

    These folks above, if I were you, I'd reach out to them (?). Eh, who knows anymore. I was not so impressed, again, so to speak, with some of the folks who engaged you, -> I don't get it. And, it effected your work? Who knows. IMO-only.

    DerUgo 😀

  • @ustaknow Mar 6

    Whom I think is "worth" a look at for you? Hmmm, interesting question.

    A big part of what I get out of "here", is the "relationship", so to speak, the interaction, engagement and the stuff of here, as it progresses. This year was far better for me since, there were a number of folks who authentically "engaged", my work, and "wanted" the more granular critical feedback, -- many don't.

    The total stranger, compliments/*input are the only "valid" ones for me, -- as you know. (Otherwise, it's "mom", "it's all good"... and I don't like that.)

    --- So, my "growth" was affected by (figured I'd not get any out, then did) the interaction.
    --To just be here and "write songs" is useless to me, -- the #1? FAWM Thesis? Eh.... BS... ->useless to have 14 that suck or you are unsure of, if suck! Yes? Yes! I'd rather have 2, 3, 4 written on the spot, in my "style" that I got total stranger feedback on, as above.

    I'll have to get back to you on your question. I will shortly.

  • @pipewrench67  Mar 5

    Delayed response to your question about using poems or poets as a catalyst for writing. This year I used several poems from a book of American Poetry I picked up sometime last year. This was the method(s) I employed; randomly page through and read poems until one resonates. Read the poem with notebook and pen and scribble notes (lines I like, images conjured, reactions in general). Sit with a play with those thoughts in mind until some sort of form happens (usually, one line that sits well over a certain chord or progression).
    Play around with that a while see if anything else emerges. Go back to the poem dissect a little more thoroughly, paraphrasing and reacting a bit more line by line. Pick up the guitar again play and see what else fits into my loose form from before. Read some critical essays and/or analyses to get other perspectives and then play around with those ideas and see what fits. When I have a verse or two and chorus I'll look through and see if there any ideas that are

  • @downfallroad  Feb 28

    Thanks for listening to "It Stays"!

  • @ustaknow Feb 27

    Ok, have fun! 😀
    -- Remember, supposedly, folks come and "comment" in March? So, check your songs. Eh, who knows, -- different every year it seems 😀 (a good thing, I guess)

  • @tamsnumber4  Feb 26

    Thanks for visiting my song "Reflection"!

  • @ustaknow Feb 25

    Yes, too Christian, for some, not enough for the rest..., that is the issue. Many of my lyric is rooted there too 😉

    I see mocking type songs, or, of other origin, gets plenty of response ..., all very interesting.

    Um, well, your buddy, "apparently" has chosen to not speak to me. That seemed to happen circa 5090, and a few others. As you know me, this is quite ok. However, I see folks who purport to be great communicators, and others are not commenting enough, have commented several hundred times, yet when directly addressed, --for some reason, avoids. Why. Interesting, --not really. What it is, there is a homogenized status quo clique here, -- and I am not seeking to engage "that". It has a negative affect on writing, -- conformity, to go along to get along.

    They're not the radicals, I am 😝 . Stay out of the Forums, and mostly, all will be well. There were a couple of threads, where there was push back, very interesting to watch. As much as they/some think they know, -- I was here developing the tech they now use... long time. Some of the stuff being pulled, of neg affect on new folks seems to have been squashed... so eventually, in FAWM, stuff seems to cycle... eh, who knows 😀 There are a few individuals who will never get along it seems. Real life 😝

  • @metalfoot  Feb 25

    I was hoping someone would find "Why Won't You Listen" funny. 😀

  • @metalfoot  Feb 25

    As always, a privilege to work and write with you, my friend! And it would be fun to jam in person but also glad for the internet!

  • @ustaknow Feb 25

    You know what's sad, if my observation is correct, tag a song "Christian", it is less likely to get reviewed. Since mine, some, are borderline, I removed that tag. It'll be interesting if it now makes a difference.

  • @ustaknow Feb 22

    Ah..., you took all that down. To late, --redit 😝

    (I appreciated it!)

  • @ustaknow Feb 22

    Thank you for the feedback. I'm tempted to forget my guitar 😉 I always get krapped on, in these things. Well, it seems that way. Music, for me, is not supposed to be such a big deal, only fun 😝

    There will be some family member, confused or unhappy, I anticipate ... could be wrong, who knows.

  • @driftwood1  Feb 20

    No problem. Thanks for all the kind words.

  • @ustaknow Feb 19

    Well, that's why I said -- only a structure element; and you'd have write a bridge, greatful for the wreckage. Or, not. 😀

  • @ustaknow Feb 19

    Well, this may not be explainable, so may have to skip it... ref'g song structure only:
    "More" was deliberately stuck out, out there to creat a heavily syncopated phrase... and to break rules... you'd have to read the commentary if still there.

    So R.Bachman took those lyrics, since moved for some reason and did a one take. I just loved her stuff... and I guess was affected by mine for some reason.

    I'm not gonna pepper your board with my stuff... 😝 ... that collab is there... you commented on it... log into 5090. --- So that concept, with "wreckage" tagged onto the verses of the mentioned song.

    However then, give the song a proper *conclusion, a bridge from someplace to another. Now a new place. In this case wreckage is a good thing, instead of just another girly love song 😝 ... turn the puppies and kittens into cats and dogs ... 😉

    Or, not.


  • @thebschip Feb 18

    Thanks for coming by to listen! I actually have a demo up on "A Win for the Dark Mind," if you wanted to go back to listen. Congrats on 15!! I'll come back to listen to more soon; right now, finishing up work. Boo.

  • @ustaknow Feb 18

    Oh, that is interesting 😀 ... Momentary Lapse... critically --was considered a non Floyd album, since in absense of Waters, he quite by then, Gilmore hired many pro writers, -- not me of course ... hahhh... to do that album... in their great fight. Sad.

    Anyway, great comp., love it! I'll take it! 😀

  • @reggiestyte Feb 17

    Thanks for coming on the Scenic Walk & for the thoughtful comments. Cheers!

  • @metalfoot  Feb 17

    I'm fond of the ba-doo and snapping and whistling myself on Sesquicentennial. It makes the track work, I think. Needs a re-record, but this is FAWM so I'll move along for now!

  • @ustaknow Feb 17

    "Overly indecisive" ... nice term 😀 can one be "underly" so? 😝

    Anyway... if you can find local "roots", that would be the way to go, -- gud-luck-tho...

    Lately, since I found a bunch of old, b-level, documentaries on "artists" on Amazon video (they even have "how to play"... instruments, guitar, specific-songs, pdf/video... who knew?... don't need it now, but interesting. Oh, to be 14 again 😀 ) ... anyway... these old doc-vids... it seems many used to just place classified ads and take phone calls... kinda funny really. Or, they all met in grade/high school.

    I don't know what the answer is, in finding someone in the "same place" as oneself. This "new" stuff I saw... for me, is a new low 😀 And, I am 100% is not affective. Some "idiot" "Performance Coach" idea? Lord, knows... (and "church" is not better as "venue"... and how that gets used). Anyway... be careful.

    The two I mentioned for colab for "me" looked OK as far as I could see, "if" there was "chemistry".

  • @ustaknow Feb 17

    This time, this FAWM, I noticed there are people here simply show casing their stuff. Actually, confirmed it from the last one. And, not just resurrecting something, like --finished tracks they had been submitting to like, xyz contest(s). I don't get it. What good does that do, and not want feedback. I can see, after creating them here, with feedback etc. moving forward...

    I noticed a few other things this time too. Using FAWM as an event on their "channel" ... as, kind of endorsing their self. One, thanked me for every review, but never once viewed one of mine. 😉 nice. I don't know if one gets an "un-watch" notice... but the thankyous came, after that... so, maybe 😀 hahhh. Hit count I guess? Never changes.

    The winner is, I saw one individual who "started and organization" for a certain kind of troubled young teen, (full route "applying" for 501c3 too), and writing, what I see as bitter angst lyrics, they, in the org will be "attracted" to. Kinda like sponsoring a suicide org, and writing dark suicide songs to sell to them too 😝
    -- I just don't get it, oh well ...

    I'm glad there are so many new folks, the old cliques here, huh, no chance, in them. Always krappe... no matter where one goes. 😀 Well, at least the chance exists in the new people!

  • @kingwoodkowboy  Feb 16

    Thanks kc5, for paying your dues to "These Blues Are My Just Dues". Maybe a sax player can do it's just due.

  • @ustaknow Feb 15

    http://fawm.org/fawmers/jibbidy34/ Her sound with her collaborator, I'll look up her ID... think it's Wobbi... something..., either one or both their sound could pull this off with humor... as I hear it... -- "Wreckage"

    I don't know how they view collaboration, so may not mesh with you. It seems they're clear on "credits", etc., and both have comprehensive web sites. Heck, if was a throw away... all the better, who cares.

    -- When I tried it with my music, works, but, as a male voice... doesn't fit, and, I don't pull of humor well, well not "in my wheel house" anyway 😀

    [I don't know wobbi... well, don't "know" jibbidy really, either..., but similar http://fawm.org/fawmers/wobbiewobbit/]

  • @ustaknow Feb 15

    The z-man chords, oddly enough, fit wreckage... however, not the spirit of the song... really needs to be sung by an angry girlfriend 😀 , girly-like.

  • @peahouse Feb 14

    Thanks for the kind words,I never sing that low,still getting used to it,posted the lyrics just in case see if it helps people hear them

  • @ustaknow Feb 14

    It's always interesting to know how others hear things. I appreciate the review. For me, a song like this, "can't" be a "great" song... if that occurred, well, I just can't think of any, -- it would be very surprising. Like the song "Happy Birthday" ... never gonna be a "hit" 😀

    Anyway, -- it never occurred to me, -- closed womb, take. One can have 1000 sons, -- but only one, -- first one. (Christ may be referred to as 2nd Son, Adam being 1st?... again, "land mines" all over the place and why I don't "do", "Hymns"..., (WCS, omg!)).

    I'm unclear of the other: for me, the breath of life has one source. That line combines with "rest", because, a New Born, literally, "seems" born sleeping, -- all this one does/did anyway. Figuratively, --the aspect I considered was a life in Rest, new-born-rest (not at rest, --in rest).

    I liked the word, mass, (science word, too), since what we do as we grow, -up, in time. Also, a label "they" use..., not what I was going for, hoping not a land-mine as I cited in the Notes section. Lots o land mines...

    And the word [this] is neuter, and is, or can be the one referred to under observation. this/these mothers, not me-mother 😀 ... -- "they", slaughter English anyway... so I'd be fine there 😀

  • @nickurock Feb 14

    Hey, thanks for your comments on my songs! It really means a lot to me that you took the time to listen to them and also leave some feedback 😀 I enjoyed your song love that bleeds to be alive, you've got a very powerful voice and great lyrics which come together well

  • @ustaknow Feb 14

    I c u toed it bak, gud. ... it's actually, imo, one of your better lyrics, -- as long as is engaged from the light context. Angry women, buy their own drinks... as I commented in a number of "angry girlfriend" songs, targeting young teen girls... geeze... 😀 omg! 😉 1/2 your audience is men... anyway... I digress...

    Anyway... my other lyrics... well, -- they are all based on the tangable. I guess, it's why some seem to connect, well, as I would prefer they do 😉 I feel safe, since many people like the insanity of Pink Floyd, early years (Sid)... then Water and Gilmore... -- see what happens if you don't take your meds! Fame, and a Castle in the U.K.! Oh, it's gonna be great 😀

    Actually, of my songs, there's one or two, if one were really up on current events content, context, -- they're fairly literal, none literal in BnW, without, literally naming subject nouns, "protest" songs... a "new" genre, ?, not. They're all protest songs... for-against, love, hate, hunger, money, et al.

    Explaining them would ... [oh look the form cut me off... oh well 😝] Yeah, you can't go over, I guess 1000 characters w/o reposting, IF u had a copy... should raise the limit to 4000 then, or just fix the code, to stop that. Oh well...

  • @aeye Feb 13

    Hey thanks. Glad you enjoyed the mountain 😀

  • @marthie Feb 13

    Thank you for your feedback on "Are you out there?"

  • @ustaknow Feb 10

    I liked that song, Wreckage, gone now... toed away... 😝

  • @klaus  Feb 10

    Not racey at all. I've read some lyrics this Fawm that made me blush but yours was not one of those. 😀

  • @ustaknow Feb 9

    I like that it, on surface, sounds like an -- oversensitive junkie, mercenary, politico, who may or many not pray 😀 . Hahhh... so helpful.

  • @cindyrella  Feb 8

    Thank so much for checking out my songs. I want to do that same!

  • @cindyrella  Feb 8

    Okay, cool. You are talented! I am very impressed!

  • @vegansongs Feb 7

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I do hope to glean the best bits from Fawm song 3 Favored Few and redo music and production. It was a long day and I was trying to get my 3rd song in 6 days posted- I am just so grateful to be writing again! But with the Grandkids coming over often this week- I am worn out! On to song number 4! Thanks again for your feedback.

  • @ustaknow Feb 7

    "Ricky Lee Jones" was a '70's Jazz Singer style, who got a surprise and pulled into the '70's music "scene" with "Chucky's in Love", what I think of with her, or that Album.

    Then, folks release "entire albums" as a set of songs, unlike today (?), Krappe, rubber stamped and squirted out the indie machine of "make me famous please" 😀

    That album cover became her "icon" image... so pretty as well, -- didn't hurt.

    Amy Winehouse, as good as she was, imo, is *half RLJ's ability. She, RLJ's, sings, even in, chucky's in love ... , --- like a instrument, her vocals "slide" unbroken in her modulations... (hey, I love AC/DC too, so, ... I'm just say'in 😀 ) good is good, and REALLY good, is really good.

    Today, I hear crossover vocals... like a Pink w/ RLJ... can't name anyone off the cuff just now. Voices change, e.g, I used to admire and chuckle at "Taylor Swift"... so, Formulaic ala Nashville machine... fixed vocal tracks. But, today... hey, the hormones settled and so did her voice. A stunning beauty, "now", didn't hurt either?
    -- Yeah, Pink shoulda done the Super Bowl, if wanted that kind of show... poor poor poor copy by LG, imo. Oh well... get The Who back! 😉 ... (such poor choices lately...?)

  • @ustaknow Feb 7

    Yes, for that Austrian girl, she feared -- "love would be like a lobotomy, hahhh, so didn't need a hand to hold" 😂

  • @metalfootlings Feb 5

    He made it up himself! (Bagpipe Solo)
    And so did #3 (I Love You)

    -- metalfoot on behalf of footlings

  • @jorh Feb 4

    Thank you for your kind comments 😀 I'm very much enjoying and appreciating your material too!!

  • @ustaknow Feb 3

    I appreciate you keeping a lookout for my "stuff"; it's appreciated! 😀

  • @metalfootlings Feb 2

    Footling#2 was your guest vocalist in 50/90 but I assume you knew that! 😀

  • @metalfoot  Feb 2

    I thought you might like "Holding On", kc! Glad you did.

  • @writeandwrong  Feb 1

    hehe sorry about that lol Thank you for your comments on Fireball Whisky 🔥🔥🔥

  • @ustaknow Feb 1

    Hey, thanks for the song feedback! 😀

  • @musicsongwriter Feb 1

    You are very welcome, looking forward to your new lyrics.

  • @musicsongwriter Jan 31

    Hi Kelly, looking forward to reading your new lyrics.

  • @kc5 Jan 31

    Dilemma # 1 - My soundcloud has like...2 minutes left on it. I've been deleting other stuff to put on new stuff. I was going to consider bandcamp and I know they changed their public post policy, so that won't help me. I don't do credit card online if I can avoid it. I already had one compromised and don't care to do that again.

    Dilemma # 2 - I have that stinkin' cough back again this year--seems I have it EVERY January/February. It makes it kinda hard to sing without a breath or hold triggering a coughing fit--We'll see how it goes.

  • @klaus  Jan 31

    Hey KC. Nice to see you. Have a wonderful and lovely Fawm time this year.

  • @cts  Jan 30

    *cts rings the doorbell* Hello...?

  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 30


  • @metalfoot  Jan 30

    If the lyrics don't come, maybe I can write lyrics for *you* and you can write a tune! 😉

  • @metalfoot  Jan 29

    Hoping I can do a track with you at some point this year, too! Cheers and have a great FAWM.

  • @metalfootlings Jan 29

    Hello! If you have any songs you need kids to sing, you know who to call!

  • @ustaknow Jan 2017

    Hey, same here. 😀

  • @writeandwrong  Jan 2017

    Back atcha! 😉

  • @writeandwrong  Jan 2017

    Hey, KC! Welcome to FAWM 2017! It was great to meet you at our gig and hope to meet up with you again soon! 😀