karismitchell 6


  Feb 2017

Artist Bio

Influences:   I'm musically egalitarian. I like to sing along. I love a good guitar. Pop, rock, alt-country, boy bands, strong women, all of it.

Lyrics only. Trying harder to make good meter when I'm not writing the melody. Open to people finding a melody (and open to you tweaking the lyrics to make them work).

Songs (6)

#1 Walk It Back @fionna  6
3 weeks
#2 Breathe 7
2 weeks
#3 Looking Backwards 2
2 weeks
#4 Those Are the Rules 2
2 weeks
#5 Don't Be Halfway @rbmarty000  5
1 week
#6 Possibilities and Stars ZONG
1 week


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  • @rbmarty000  5 days

    re: Don't Be Halfway ..I will strengthen the structure a bit and add some space between verses. It should then get to be about 3 minutes.. I can send you the individual recorded tracks so that someone can put vocals on top.

  • @rbmarty000  5 days

    Ya.. I'm a guy (poor singer too) and this one song would greatly benefit from a female vocalist.

  • @fionna  6 days

    Demo up for Walk It Back 😄

  • @rbmarty000  1 week

    Here is what I have if you approve.. I think I would like to add a sax before the break.. needs another 40 seconds..

  • @fionna  1 week

    Noticed you added me on Walk It Back. Getting started!

  • @fionna  3 weeks

    Aww thanks for your comment on The Fire!