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Winnipeg Canada   Feb 2016

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Influences:   Seether, Tool, Chevelle, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Coldplay and FACE OF EINSTIEN(FAWMER) how did i forget the Foo. And Bryan Adams.

Yay 3rd year in. PLEASE ADD MUSIC!!!
I love to write. Never really tried writing music. Not sure if anything i write will be of any use to you musicians. I love trying new things and this is new. I write from experience and emotions. If any of you want to use the lyrics to add to your own music just let me know. It would be pretty cool. I have no intentions of creating music, this is strictly lyrics for me.


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  • @devin  Feb 20

    Hey there, I've been looking over "it won't work", and a few ideas are starting to emerge.

    Are you OK with minor lyric suggestions/tweaks to make things fit and flow? Sometimes the music/melody set up a timing scheme, etc.

    I haven't started anything yet... I wanted to check in with you first!

  • @troy Feb 17

    Spent the week working on mixing. I’ll email you tomorrow with the songs. Would love some feedback before I release this!! Happy Friday!

  • @troy Feb 11

    Hi!! I’m nearly done with an album that includes our FAWM collaboration from two years ago. Basically, the album was born from that FAWM. I can send you a link to the masters if you’d like a preview. Let me know if your email is still the same.

  • @metalfoot  Feb 7

    Totally NOT my usual style but thanks for listening! LOL

  • @martinswede Feb 5

    Thank you for your comment. I wanted to keep the lyrics simple and somewhat childlike.