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Chino Hills USA   Feb 2009  

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Influences:   Marty Robbins, Gram Parsons, Johnny Cash, Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, Vic Chesnutt, Sam Beam, M. Ward, Tom Waits *with* Nico Muhly, Bjork, Philip Glass, Jon Hopkins, Iannis Xenakis *and* Fellow FAWM artists.

On year 9, I'll be just letting it flow as naturally as possible-- in a traditional style. Then, the aliens will have their say.

I would like to have some video output this year; perhaps something for each song. Whether or not it goes with the song in an obvious way, I think something visual can add interest.

Almost all prior output can be found here:

As always, thank you for listening, and I look forward to hearing the output of my fellow FAWMers.

EDIT, 2/25: Well, video is probably not going to happen this time, but it's OK. There is plenty to keep my busy with audio!

3/2: FAWM Over! I'll be continuing to edit these songs for the next few weeks, and will try to get some new and improved demos up.

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