John Q 1


Chino Hills USA   Feb 2009  

Artist Bio

Influences:   This year let's put...Annie Clark, Ryan Adams, Roy Orbison, Spoon, The National, Sufjan Stevens, Daniel Lanios, Bruce Cockburn...and Andres Segovia. I reserve the right not to sound like any of these terrific artists.

Q the overture...aannd...action!

Hello! Welcome to the profile for John Q, Kairnes!

He may be buried in a ticket Q at work, but the he will endeavor to bring at least something of the Q-factor to the 2018 FAWM.

If you wanna collab on something, hit me up fo sho.

All prior FAWM output and some interesting little gems in the form of old blog posts can be found here:

Q exit music...aaannd....CUT!