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Wynnewood USA   Jul 2013  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Nick Drake, Beck, Jackson Browne, Lindsey Buckingham, Eric Taylor, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Gerry Beckley, Jim Croce, Glen Phillips, Willie Nelson, Frank Sinatra.

John is a Singer-Songriter with a Blues, Acoustic Rock, Folk and Country Rock feel to his music. He plays guitar, bass, some percussion, harmonica, spoons and piano (very limited) and sings. John writes songs in a variety of styles. John likes to have fun with music and in life overall. His moods can get sullen and he can seem distant. John sometimes doesn't have much to say. And sometimes says the wrong things. At least, that's what they say.
John doesn't necessarily like traveling. He can tend to retreat into his home space. When he does travel, his favorite travel destinations are Cape Cod, The Outer Banks, NC (USA), The Netherlands and Belgium.

John released a new album in late November, 2015... self titled, "John Hudome." You can check it out here, It's also available on iTunes and Amazon.
New recordings are in the works.


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  • @teapot 3 weeks

    Aww, thanks for the comment John. So lovely to read!

  • @teapot 3 weeks

    Hi John 😁
    I posted a little song & thought you might like to hear it. I hope you are keeping well x x

  • @oblivionratula  5 weeks

    Thanks for the comment on "Mother of Swords" last week. I'm kind of failing at FAWM, especially keeping up with comments. 😁

  • @jani 5 weeks

    Hey! Thank you so much for your input and listening my song Eliza, its much appreciated! Watchlisted you and will listen when i get home! 😀

  • @johnstaples  6 weeks

    Sorry to hear you are sick John! Hope you feel better soon!

  • @johnstaples  6 weeks

    Hey John! If you want to join in on my Friday skirmish here is the link! Hope you can!!

  • @majordanby  6 weeks

    Thanks John, I’ll give it a go. (Karl).

  • @majordanby  6 weeks

    Thanks for listening to Be Good Be Else Be Gone. This is the first full song I’ve written in a longtime and it came from nowhere. I initially found the chords, whilst recording them for reference I ad libbed the words. Dan’s a fan of Radiohead, I’m not really so not sure what I was thinking. The muse obviously has his/her reasons. (Karl).

  • @moonraccoon  6 weeks

    Hey John, thank you for your kind words regarding Wanted. Those bends started out as trilled suspensions, but it just sounded sloppy, so I channeled my inner Smashing Pumpkins 😉

  • @arthurrossi 6 weeks

    Thanks so much for your wonderful and that kind comments!

  • @dutch1967 6 weeks

    Hi fellow lefty, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on All Grown Up. The TVZ comment made blush. Kinda.

  • @hoppiern  6 weeks

    Thanks for your kind comments on my song! You've already got 4 done - awesome!

  • @lowhum  6 weeks

    Thanks for comments! I just pumped up the bass a bit and added lyrics 😀)

  • @cindyrella  6 weeks

    Thanks on your comments on m Empty song. Yes, it could go either way I think.

  • @majordanby  6 weeks

    I live in Eastbourne which is a stones throw from Brighton; their chant going “Seeeeeeeeeeeeeaguuuuuuuulllls”
    Just take the S off and it’s yours 😉

  • @majordanby  6 weeks

    Ah cool, Patriots or Eagles? As I obviously have no affiliation, I love an underdog! Go on Eagles 🦅

  • @jessicagraae  6 weeks

    Thanks for listening to, and commenting on None of This, John!

  • @jcooper  6 weeks

    Great. You can send them to and I will send you an mp3 back

  • @jcooper  6 weeks

    Or should I send you some?

  • @jcooper  6 weeks

    Hey John. Waiting for you to send some lyrics my way 😀

  • @driftwood1  6 weeks

    Thanks for listening and the kind words. Happy FAWMing!

  • @lenigmusx1  6 weeks

    Happy FAWM! Thank you for your kind words on "All in or Nothing"

  • @arthurrossi 7 weeks

    Hey Great to see you here! Hahaha... you made me laugh... Number 4 is on the way... 😉

  • @johnhudome  7 weeks

    I'm behind already because I had to have heating and ac systems replaced yesterday and today (Emergency). Couldn't put headphones on to record as I needed to communicate with my guys... and to hear the phone should they call me. But I'mm catch up over the weekend. It's only day one.

  • @inciteful  7 weeks

    Have a great FAWM, hope to see you soon!

  • @teapot 7 weeks

    Hi there John
    Why thank you, that's lovely 😀 I have the flu at the mo but will be recording straight after. Looking forward to hearing your music too!

  • @alboe 7 weeks

    Tomorrow's the big day, I hope you'll have a great FAWM.

  • @johnhudome  7 weeks

    I said it was my 6th FAWM. It might be my 5th. Guess it doesn't matter.

  • @jcooper  7 weeks

    Absolutely John. Looking forward to it!

  • @johnhudome  7 weeks

    Well, this is my 6th FAWM. I'm looking forward to hearing everyone and being inspired and humbled.

  • @writeandwrong  Jan 15

    Best of luck to you during FAWM 2018