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Ellicott City USA   Jan 2013

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2017: I live! Sort of. Life really got in the way the past few years but I am going to attempt writing once again! Hopefully it goes better for me this year. 😁
Well I'm not a lyricist or musician.. just a fan of music in general. I heard about this through Debs and Errol 😁. I actually finished my first FAWM in 2013 and participated in 2014. This was a fun time and it was interesting writing lyrics for the first time. I tried again in 2015 with no results as life got in the way. I'm looking forward to trying again this year and hopefully getting further than last time. If anyone does want to do a demo for any of my songs please feel free to do so. I'm also looking for new music and people to follow and am an open ear for anything I'm allowed to listen to! 😀

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