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37073 Göttingen Germany   Dec 2015

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Influences:   Georgia Maq, Frank Turner, India Arie, Natalie Merchant, Sia to name a few.

Sooo late for the party. Was held up by a nasty flu... The cool people always arrive late, so let's get FAWM 2018 started!

FUN FACTS about me: I am left-handed (how fun ist that) / I like to sleep on my belly / I learned to ride the bike twice (despite common believe, that you only need to learn it once). If you want to make my day, tell me some fun facts about YOURSELF on my soundboard!

Fun FAWM Facts: only person who has rapped in German at FAWM 2017... as far as I know 😀

I am Singer-Songwriter from Germany and this is my second your of FAWM. I am quite focused on lyrics, so it probably doesn't surprise you that I work as a teacher for German and English at a college 😀
Last year I wrote around 5 songs... I can be quite critical with myself.

This year I got myself a loop machine to play with and a viola. I love strings, but my main instrument is the guitar. (If you are lucky I might dig out an electric guitar that I've got lying around somewhere.)



"I lend my untrained ear
To 200 talented FAWMers here
Now please put my humble name
On this golden wall of fame"

Listening to all those songs has been an absolute joy and inspiration. I am in awe of all those heartfelt lyrics I found. Some told stories that have happened to me also, but I could have never put it into words myself. I found it deeply healing. And I have laughed a lot along the way,the humor and wit I came across blew my mind. I guess, the heart of life is good after all.
Quoting my fellow FAWMER @michaelsalamone: I became "a giant fan of other independent musicians and that makes me extremely happy."

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  • @torsten Feb 23

    Hallo Jessica, danke für die lieben Grüße und die sehr ausführliche Kritik und die persönliche Geschichte. Schreib doch auch noch ein Lied!

  • @metalfootlings Feb 17

    Thanks for the listens! 😀

  • @aprilm  Feb 16

    Hi!!! Glad to see you here! Thanks for dropping in and checking out Let Me In. 😀

  • @dani312 Feb 2018

    Thanks for the comment and feedback on my tune!

  • @unclephilly Feb 2018

    Thanks for the positive comment Jessica 😁 I actually quite like those lyrics, far better than the music I've written for that song!

  • @metalfoot  Feb 2018

    Hey Jessica! Me and the Footlings are back for another round for sure. Glad to see you back in the game. (Did you ever find the lost socks? 😉 ) Take care and I'll be listening for you!

  • @andygetch  Feb 2018

    Jessica! Thanks for the note. It is wonderful to hear from you 😀. Yes, my wife and I did order a Smart ForTwo, it should arrive in another month. Sorry you are not feeling well. Me too. I haven't sung or played the last few days. Maybe tomorrow, or live at my gig Saturday if I can sing by then.

  • @rickamorphis  Feb 2018

    Jessica hope you're back this year!

  • @andygetch  Jan 2018

    Hi Jessica, fun fact about me, when I learned to play tennis I was already doing other sports right-handed and concerned about getting tennis elbow. As a result I learned to play tennis left-handed. BTW your students requesting a video of our collab 'Peace Begins With Me' is one of my high points.

  • @metalfoot  Jan 2018

    Hey! The footlings and I are back for another round... hope you are too! 😀