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Germany   Dec 2011  

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Influences:   jean michel jarre, alan parsons, vangelis, jan hammer, james newton howard and all those people

I learned piano. Then i forgot everything. Then i learned something that sounds like playing piano. Actually i don't know what i'm doing.

Since i did a lot of rather extensive home recording studio arrangements in the years before (, in 2017 i'd like to record one-takes on the piano with (hopefully) some singing, because this is what i really want to practice - and well, you probably will see the necessity for it.

I'm watching:
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  • @ryako  Mar 7

    Thanks for your comment on Man in Black. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I just crashed after FAWM.
    I am a Yul Brynner fan! I've seen the original movie a couple of times and, obviously, I've watched the TV Series. I have to say, Yul Brynner's Man in Black scared me more than Ed Harris' character in the series. But Yul has those awesome steely eyes that feel like they have laser beams shooting out of them. If you get to watch the series, pay attention! There's a little Yul Brynner easter egg in one of the episodes.

  • @neilconnor Feb 21

    Thanks for your feedback on Found Wanting. I felt it was in the British tradition rather than American but they're all intertwined 😀 neil

  • @judypie Feb 19

    😀 I just need to learn how to cast said spell with accuracy 😝

  • @sentense  Feb 18

    Yes, it was a relief - i was totally stuck in the middle part for too long

  • @cindyrella  Feb 17

    Thank you and yes, give it a go!

  • @thefuneralcrasher  Feb 2017


  • @mattblick  Feb 2017

    Thanks for commenting on Exploding Cigars Jens. Would you be up for doing a bit of crowd vocals for the chorus? or even just a "thighs" harmony? deets here

  • @gordon Feb 2017

    Greetings from Amsterdam! Thanks for listening and leaving a fine comment on one of mine.

  • @judypie Feb 2017

    😁 you said the magic word! (Cookies) thanks so much Jens!

  • @thelowestbitter Feb 2017

    Hey! I finished the song with your piano part in it, I hope you like what I've done with it. Thanks again for letting me use it 😀

  • @karan  Feb 2017

    Yayyy, you're back! 😀