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Victoria Canada   Feb 1

Artist Bio

Influences:   Paul Simon, Pat Benatar, Cindy Lauper, Jim Croce

I love to sing and play uke. I play washboard, suit-case kickdrum and various hand held percussion in a band called the Salty Quips. I was jamming with lisabee tonight and she told me about the contest and I thought this sounded like a stimulating adventure.


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  • @quork  Apr 5

    Thanks for listening and commenting on my songs!

  • @johnstaples  Apr 4

    Thanks for your nice comment on FAWM is the Gold! I love FAWM so much! Glad you enjoyed it too!!

  • @audrey  Mar 13

    Thank you so much for your kind words about my song "Blueberry Island". I appreciate it. Hope to see you next FAWM. : )

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 27

    What's a "dong"? Is that short for Dirty Song? Did you make that up?? That would make you a Dongwriter/producer wouldn't it?

  • @andygetch  Feb 16

    Hey Jen, thanks for the listen on my sick, conflicted song. Keep writing!

  • @spinhead  Feb 15

    Groovy! (Guess what my writing coaching is based on? And my next book. Love love to hear it's working.)

  • @boyatheart  Feb 10

    Welcome to FAWM. I hope you're enjoying this wild ride!

  • @pabrizzer Feb 9

    Sail Your Sturdy Vessel - thanks for the listen. I've been to your city back in 1995 - we spent that year in Kamloops BC.

  • @misterd Feb 7

    Welcome to FAWM & Thanks for listening and commenting on my song 'sleepers wake '. Appreciate it . Cheers 😊👍

  • @rbmarty000  Feb 4

    Needs lyrics.. r u game
    Will split rights if course.
    Listen to 'So Impatient (working title)' on Songspace

  • @rbmarty000  Feb 4

    The So Impatient song might be fin for a small band
    . 2 part singing.. one guy one girl..upbeat banter

  • @jenjen Feb 2

    SO, this was my first adventure in recording myself! I still have lots to figure out on the program, just thought keep it simple. super fun 😀

  • @audrey  Feb 2

    Hi again jenjen. I'm in North Vancouver, so not on the Island like you, but in BC nevertheless. Traveling to remote parts of BC as a nurse must have been very interesting work. Glad you've joined us here on FAWM.

  • @andygetch  Feb 2

    Hi Jen and welcome to FAWM! I saw a band called 'Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem' at a music festival with a suitcase kickdrum as part of a full recycled drum kit. Looking forward to hearing your songs 😀

  • @vikkiflawith Feb 1

    Hi Jenjen, welcome to FAWM!!!

  • @natrin Feb 1

    Welcome! Have a great FAWM 😀

  • @audrey  Feb 1

    Welcome to FAWM jenjen, from a fellow British Columbian. You're gonna love this community. Happy FAWMing.

  • @rbmarty000  Feb 1

    Love Victoria.. Are you going to write lyrics, melody both? If you want to collab.. let me know..
    I have lots of ideas floating in my head.

  • @oddbod  Feb 1

    Welcome.I like the sound of what you do, especially the washboard & suit-case kickdrum.

    Have a good Fawm.
    This might be useful place to start if you need anything -