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Vicarage Rd UK   Feb 2012

Artist Bio

Influences:   Power and prog metal, some plain old-fashioned heavy metal, and a bit of classical and baroque stuff on the side.

Hi. I'm Jim. I play the piano quite well, and the guitar and bass somewhat. I may try to squeeze in a bit of flute and mandolin as well since I've got them lying about.

I fawmed in 2012 and again in 2013 and wrote a few songs that I was more or less pleased with for what they were, but never really developed. I never finished the epic power metal concept album I was working on back then, but I've written a couple of fragments of it since. I don't have much of a plan for this year, but I'll aim to have fun, write some more music and maybe hone my skills a bit more, such as they are.


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  • @msculli1  Mar 3

    Thanks for listening to Seven. I've never used an odd time signature before. I think it turned out ok. Cheers.

  • @sph  Feb 26

    Thanks for listening to my none-hit-wonder-king song. That invention could also be a curse...

  • @ihelen Feb 26

    Thank you for listening to and commenting on the Pet song! And no, of course I wasn't implying that your colleague's a jerk. Rather, even if *any* jerk crashed a beautiful Porsche, it'd be a pity. Particularly a Miami Blue one. 😀

  • @dreamscuba  Feb 26

    Thanks for your comments on "Rock'tron", much appreciated.

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 25

    Ha ha thx for comments. Even the geeky bit!

  • @postcardhelicopters  Feb 24

    I'd take it as a feather in my cap to have a song included in a video game, so, no offense taken! 😀

    Thanks for giving my track a listen!

  • @keithcuts Feb 13

    Yeah Man thanks for participating!

  • @nikke88 Feb 12

    Thanks for listening and commenting on "Ilze."

  • @tuomoh Feb 10

    Thanks for the nice song comment and suggestion for the album title. "Adventures in Folkland" sounds better every time I think about it. 😁

  • @mmmmarcus  Feb 9

    Thank you very much for the comment on "Help Yourself"! Glad you liked it!

  • @annayarbrough Feb 4

    Thanks for your comments, Jim! I see you've been busy—number 4 already! Nice job

  • @cicpisces Feb 3

    Thanks Jim for the demo. I appreciate the work youve put in. Quite a quirky sounding song now. If I had to change anything it be the tempo on the chorus. Just nice to hear the words sung.

  • @cicpisces Feb 3

    Hi... demo sounds like a good idea. You and the coffee pot have a good affiliation.

  • @jibbidy34  Feb 3

    Hey Jim! So you’ve had a long break from FAWM. Hope you’re enjoying your return this far! Thank you for commenting on my skirmish and Hello from London 😀

  • @cicpisces Feb 2

    Thanks for the advice on posting.
    I think you've got the right idea for my lyrics. Soft mellow chorus building to a punch chorus.

  • @totallynotaspambot Feb 2

    Make spam great again! Beep-bup-bup-beep.