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North York Canada   Feb 2011


Artist Bio

Influences:   Filk, folk, rock, some jazz and blues. Talis Kimberley, S. J. Tucker, Judith Hayman, Michelle Dockery, Seanan McGuire, Mary Crowell, Jeff Bohnhoff, Cat Faber, Vanessa Cardui, Twotonic, Annie Walker, Karan, Devin Melanson and many more filkers. Also Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, James Keelaghan, Al Stewart and many other folksingers.

Edit: Not having a good FAWM. Started OK then out-of-town conference and came back sick. Now in pain from a bad fall. Not good for creativity or keeping up, sigh.

FAWMer since 2011, initially just to listen and comment. Never have made it to 14 but every new song is a win and some have been done on stage.

Involved in filk (the fan music of fantasy and science fiction) since 2003. ZERO musical training or involvment prior to,that. CoChair FilKONtario 23. Married to Phil Mills who is an active filk songwriter and FAWMer.

Part of monthly filk song circles in the Greater Toronto area, at various fan conventions and people's homes wherever I travel on business.

In my other life, I'm an Interim Executive and leadership services provider to community benefit organizations including charities, nonprofits, associations and governments.


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  • @williedesacra  Mar 13

    Jane: Bill here from WdS. thx for your kind words re: Devil's Garden. The lyrics are based on a yearning for redemption (in a nutshell). Got a huge kick from Spores! Am actually thinking about doing, for the first time ever, some filk songs at the World Con in San Jose. Will you be there? Hope you're feeling better.

  • @berni1954  Mar 11

    PS - I know exactly where you are coming from on empiricism. But I have to confess that in my darkest moments lately I have given time to the thought that the universe is currently conspiring against us "hippy generation" people to soften the blow of getting old and dying. It seems to be saying: "Look! All your dreams are dashed! This world is in a mess and there is no-one left to sort it out! Do you really want to be around to see the apocalypse it is heading into? Wouldn't you be better off passing on?" πŸ˜‰

    But then I am guessing every generation has similar thoughts. My grandmother thought people not going to mass like they did in her youth would be then end of civilisation πŸ˜€

  • @berni1954  Mar 11

    Hi Jane. I see you have been listening to a few of my songs. Thanks a lot. I am busy translating with a looming deadline (shouldn't really be here πŸ˜€ )and will get back to repaying the compliment ASAP.

  • @srcoops Mar 9

    Thanks for your kind words in regard to Senior Pickup. We live in a retirement community and we have quite a collection of appliances worn by our residents. (2 fake knees here)

  • @infilktion Mar 9

    Thank you so much for listening and commenting on several of our songs. It means a lot to us!

  • @tiller2  Mar 7

    Thanks for the heads-up, and the introduction, about the filk scene. Not sure I have me-time for a convention but at some point, possibly!

  • @tiller2  Mar 6

    I haven't done any filk events, I wonder if they have them near DC. I used to do D&D, which may have some overlap. At least now I have a song to bring!

  • @tiller2  Mar 6

    I hope you are feeling better. Thanks again for all your encouragement. I would like to learn harmonica (I've had some lessons), but keyboard and drums even more! I hope you have a wonderful and musical year till next FAWM.

  • @hummingbear Mar 6

    Thanks for commenting on "Rocky Shores," I'm glad you liked the demo.

  • @zecoop  Mar 5

    Thank for checking out our new band song... I was excited when it showed up on my guitar and was even more excited to see it form as a band collaboration!

  • @mdavisto  Mar 5

    HI @janeg, the trick is outsourcing. I had the chorus melody early in FAWM, and posted a request for choir participation on the forums. @sciren wrote and recorded her own part. So really all I had to do was wait for all the bits to arrive and then glue them together.

  • @audrey  Mar 4

    Thank you for your lovely comment. I appreciate it.

  • @tuneslayer2018  Mar 4

    Hm. I definitely hear a tune for "Omelas" (and I haven't listened to yours yet so it may be quite different from what you had in mind). Whether I can work counterpoint into it, we'll see. Stay tuned.

  • @doglatin  Mar 4

    Thanks for listening and commenting on "Dixboro," Jane. As far as your remark about the "beautiful stranger", yes that has definitely been true in my experience!

  • @jmadison  Mar 2

    Oh my goodness, what a compliment! Thanks so much to listening to "Times". All production credit goes to Eric. He really knows his way around his DAW. Thanks!

  • @wacha  Mar 2

    Thank you for your kind words on "Into the Ether".

  • @sheilerk  Mar 1

    Thank you for reading/listening to my songs πŸ˜€ I've done both Women's Marches, and several others specific to different causes. After the first one I met some women who were forming a resistance chorus. None of us knew one another before that, but we're invited to sing at marches and rallies reguarly now, and have become good friends. We will be writing and singing more of our own songs as we go along. Maybe the one you commented on.
    As to Follow my Footsteps, I go to a festival every year called Faerieworlds. It's a lot of fun, full of neo-pagan rock, Celtic music, Pirate shanties, just tons of fun music. This is one of my favorite songs from this FAWM, and it will probably be shared with my friends there, but I'm not really a performer, I just like writing songs.

  • @valeriecox  Feb 26

    Hi Jane. πŸ˜€ Thanks for the comment.

  • @tuneslayer2018  Feb 25

    Hi Jane, glad to see you here and thank you for the comments! Sorry to hear about the fall. Hurry and get better.

    "Craptastic" isn't my invention. It just fit the meter at that point. But it serves the purpose of filling a hole in English vocabulary we didn't even know was there. You know, kind of like the word "filk." 😁

  • @tawny249 Feb 25

    Hi, thanks for the comments. I've really fallen of the face of the earth lately. >_> Anywho, yeah, the undine story is original. I just took the mythology and ran with it. πŸ˜€

  • @devin  Feb 22

    Thanks for all your comments! And re: Chivalry Well... yes, we have dozens of professional siphoners amongst us. If we could only get everyone to stand together, we could turn most of these folks into productive, contributing members of society.

    It's a *really* touchy subject, because some folks genuinely need help... and sometimes it takes me a few tries to figure out who they are.

  • @karan  Feb 19

    Oh @janeg , I'd LOVE to meet you, whether in Toronto (where I've never been before) or in Germany! FAWM really connects people - and I hope that we, too, will be able to get to know each other in real life one day! πŸ˜€

  • @karan  Feb 17

    I pray that your (and my) hope will come true and one day (SOON!) young women won't know any more what "me too" means! When I wrote the song, I could have gone on and one and on with examples ... *sigh*

  • @jwhanberry  Feb 2018

    Thanks for your comments on "Harriet's Chariot". I've not heard of Derrick Harriott before but I see he produced a band called The Chariot Riders. Who knew!

  • @corinnelucy  Feb 2018

    Thank you so much for the lovely comment. πŸ˜€

  • @tiller2  Feb 2018

    Hi there, music is up for Cool Water, if you're interested. I am a lucky lyricist πŸ˜€ http://fawm.org/songs/80930/

  • @tiller2  Feb 2018

    Thanks, my dear! Glad to see you again.

  • @ericdistad  Feb 2018

    I've heard of this "sleep" thing. Is that where you close your eyes while you are thinking up new song ideas? πŸ˜‰

  • @tootoobee  Feb 2018

    Hey Jane, a late hello and have a wonderful FAWM! πŸ˜€

  • @jaegerin  Feb 2018

    Good to see you, Jane! I *love* Happytown! The kids and I had it as our signature song in the car one summer... Tanglewood Tree is my other favourite - although so many of his songs are special. My latest discovery is Playing Rapunzel's fab version of Phantom Doll.
    Have a great FAWM!

  • @karan  Feb 2018

    Heya Jane, it's good to see you back here! Happy FAWM! πŸ˜€

  • @abudabard12514  Feb 2018

    Thanks for your comment! My whole artistic vision comes from the fact that people find feel good songs to be uninteresting. I think that kind of thinking is wrong and I aims to change peoples minds about it.

  • @devin  Jan 2018

    Lee and I continue to write for Alter Ego, but he’s not around until mid-January this year... so I’m flying Solo... er, I guess I’m flying Rey now!

  • @ericdistad  Jan 2018

    Hi Jane! I'm glad to see you back again! Have a great FAWM!

  • @brrrse  Jan 2018

    Hello, Jane. It's good to see you here this year. I wish you a successful and happy FAWM!

  • @devin  Jan 2018

    Hello Jane!

    I hope you have a great event... I’m just over here if you need me for anything πŸ˜€