jadesongbird 7


Flushing USA   Jan 2010

Artist Bio

Influences:   Allison Crowe, Allison Krauss, Sarah McLachlan, Blue October, Brandi Carlile, Peggy Lee, Patsy Cline, KT Tunstall, Missy Higgins, Marian Call, Dar Williams, Eva Cassidy, Fiona Apple, Melanie Fiona, John Gorka, Joni Mitchell, Lily Allen, Michael Buble, Norah Jones, Adele, April Smith & the Great Picture Show, Aviici, Mass Love (YEAH, I SAID IT, @mdavisto). Other influences include family, heartache, love, scifi and wine.

Singer/songwriter, mom, knitter, and some other stuff that pays the bills. Traeder's first CD, "No Evil From Me", now available on iTunes!

Songs (7)

#1 Not 4
Feb 2017
#2 Dream On 2
Feb 2017
#3 The Girl In Between 4
Feb 2017
#4 I'm Not Going Anywhere 2
Feb 2017
#5 Nostalgia 2
Feb 27
#6 Breath of Spring 3
Feb 27
#7 Now It's Over 1
Feb 28


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  • @zecoop  Feb 2017

    Yay... you are on the board. And with a strong song too. Can't wait to hear it!!

  • @thetau  Jan 2017

    Hey Girl
    May the FAWM be with you
    Russ 😀

  • @mdavisto Jan 2017

    Yo. Are you with us this year? (hint: say "yes")

  • @zecoop  Jan 2017

    So glad you are coming back this year!!! 😀