Eye Will Eat U 11


United States   Jan 2014

Artist Bio

Influences:   Right now I am influenced by (and madly in love with) Valentina Shevchenko (fighter). I also really like this jack daniels sliding down my throat.

Eye Will Eat U hails from 3263827:

Cat's Eye-vox guitar
Left Eye-bass vox
Right Eye-Guitar vox
Third Eye-Drums, synths & programming


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  • @sueawesome Mar 7

    I can't get over the magic you are Jupiter

    so thankful to rub elbows with you

  • @sapient  Mar 3

    Thanks for the comment on "Mandragora Rises". The secret of the mix? I have a template in Cubase that I use for everything. It's been honed over the last 3 years or so to simply work with the metal songs I write. It gets kinda ugly though when I stray from that path and do other things. Which is why I try not to... 😉

  • @chrishope  Mar 3

    question ..when you do thrashy guitar parts do you play the whole, or loop parts?

  • @ihelen  Mar 3

    YES - I do not joke. Hardly any sense of humor here. 😉 But I emailed you just now. Thanks for all the comments, and until next time!

  • @ihelen  Mar 1

    I'm still going to make that HELL-N album, and it will be dedicated to your 4 eyes!!!! 👀👀

    Thanks for all your rockin inspiration and support throughout FAWM!

  • @caterwauler  Feb 28

    Someone should tell that Trump guy that if he doesn't leave you alone, my spiders will cast a nasty spell on him! And I genuinely trust the cosmic authorities to make this right ; they have to.
    Write when you can, no worries. I'm on a day to day basis too.
    Take care. I'll send you something soon.

  • @zecoop  Feb 28

    Thank you so much for listening and for that amazing comment... I really appreciate it. It is always a highlight to have a song you produce strike someone else as well. Congrats on finding Piney. She is straight up amazing. I always love working with her and this one was such a joy to take the incredible acoustic demo to the big full song. Once again - I really appreciate you taking the time. 😀

  • @caterwauler  Feb 28

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments, and for listening to @mojo's Rhapsody -- in full! Wow...
    "that sounds like me playing" : sometimes, I added a few piano notes to his patterns, for the sake of resolution, or mimicked him. There are songs where I can't tell what was played by him, and what was played by me.
    I'm a little disappointed about not getting more treats by you, but I do understand. Anyway, we're going to be in touch, so I'll hear more by you, won't I? I really hope so. Meanwhile, I'll listen again to what you've shared here. 😀
    Again, thank you. Your songs and your nice feedback have been one of my FAWM highlights.

  • @caterwauler  Feb 28

    I really hope you're going to make it -- because you're almost there, and because I love your music and want to hear more.
    Gogogo! I, @mantra, and all the spiders we have at home are sending you good vibes.

  • @klaus  Feb 27

    Thank U for comments on Do You Wanna Rock and I Worry. I appreciate it. 😀

  • @sueawesome Feb 26

    Sunday is almost over, which is the day you seem to get a lot of musicing done.. my Monday morning of doom awaits... but my Monday afternoon is ready for some new eye will eat u

  • @caterwauler  Feb 25

    «With Mantra's look you could have called the album, "This mix sounds like shit"» LOL! But maybe that's what "mewaew" means, who knows? 😁
    In 2015, I hired Mojo to mix one of his albums : I alloted him a chair next to mine, and made him take part in the whole process, asking him "What do you think? Do you want it louder? What about that? Should I lower it?" He was super happy. I followed his instructions blindly... and ended up with awfully loud basses, drums and vocals.
    I had to start from scratch again. Did all my sessions while he was napping.

  • @caterwauler  Feb 25

    "It almost sounds like you are using a didgeridoo" / "this feels more like a water song" : agreed 😀
    I got a lot of ugly resonances from layering throat singing/overtone singing, so I killed them with a filter, then killed the filter with another filter. In the end it sounded more watery than airy. I'll see if I can make it right later (yeah, more breathing!) 😀
    Mojo hated cameras, but Mantra is a poser. I've often called on his services to make silly pics. The drums didn't make it as an album artwork, but this one did :
    (I promise I'll stop flooding your soundboard with idiotic cat pics after that.)

  • @ihelen  Feb 25

    Hey - thanks for the trick tip for bar chords - I never heard of that before but it does make sense! Although knowing me, I'd probably mess things up by trying to play something else and then go totally out of tune. Getting the thing in tune in the first place is a feat in itself. 😆 I'll have to check out that cat's human. Cats do have good ears...

  • @ihelen  Feb 25

    Thanks for commenting on my Dreamless song - yeah, playing with the Logic synth sounds is really fun! Sometimes it takes me way too long to find the right sound because I have to go through soooo many choices. I don't yet have the expertise to shape or create my own so I resort to samples for the time being. 😉 By the way, I've been practicing my bar chords again for another rock song and wow - my hand is fatigued! Cramping up and everything. lol

    That drum set below my post here looks similar to the one my son has... I should probably learn to play it myself sometime to step up my rhythm skills. Nice cat... ooh I'm getting sidetracked. Okay, good night you!

  • @mantra Feb 24


  • @piney  Feb 24

    I just notice your name handle verses your name on your profile.... so creative and awesome!

  • @piney  Feb 24


  • @krayzie003  Feb 24

    Thanks for your entertaining commenting on "The Doughnut Song" Very Funny.

  • @oddbod  Feb 24

    Yeah I can understand that. No problem. Next year maybes. Cheers

  • @sueawesome Feb 23

    Jupiter!! I wish I got notifications when someone posts a song and tags you. I kept looking (impatiently) for a few days and finally found my patience. You probably posted the song an hour later. haha
    It's awesome!!!! You've got several of your voices in there. Kinda pretty cool. I agree with the overall moshing one does (that a commenter made) because I did it too. 🤘🏻 The intro music is incredible and probably my favorite part, it sets you up for all the rest. You didn't even need my lyrics. But I'm so glad you breathed life into them. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking an entire day out of your life just for my little words. Thank you isn't enough...but thank you nonetheless.

  • @piney  Feb 23

    Thanks for your comments!

  • @oddbod  Feb 23

    There's an email address on my main FAWM page

  • @caterwauler  Feb 23

    Haha yes, 14 on each account. Since 2014, every FAWM has been full-time recording for the whole month, with very little sleep. (Hyper-acute hearing doesn't allow me to have a job, so I have all the time in the world.)
    Now Mojo's wall will remain empty, which means I am necessarily going to "lose", so I don't really care if I make it to 14 or not. I'll try though.
    I wish @mantra showed any interest in making music, or even in celebrating mine. I also doubt that he would enjoy having wine with me. 😁

    Pulga means flea 😮
    Thanks for teaching me a Spanish word. 😀

  • @caterwauler  Feb 23

    Yup, we'll have a lot to say in emails, as I see.
    Pulga is a lovely name, with a nice vibration. What language is it?
    I'll wait for the end of FAWM before sending you anything, even though I've realized today that I won't go much further with my input this year. I'll probably finish, but as I no longer want to work on my soundtrack, I'm not sure I still have something worthy to turn to music, for now. I cranked out 28 songs each Feb from 2009 to 2016 with no problem, and this year I'm struggling. That says a lot about the energy our feline friends pass to us.

  • @sherrycanary  Feb 23

    You never cease to amaze me! Your musical creation and wonderful vocals are really beautiful! Nothing like I expected.( which would have been something like heaving at the end 😀
    So happy we got to do a collab this FAWM

  • @caterwauler  Feb 22

    Sorry to hear about your feline companion.
    "a very very special being" : so you've been there too ; now I understand why you guessed more than others when listening to Mojo. He was very special too - he wasn't just a musician, but a healer as well. I won't go into details here, I'll elaborate in emails later.
    I love the idea that you listen to spiders. I pay attention to every living thing, even though I don't necessarily let them guide me for creative purposes. Also, I'm in love with trees, and I spend a lot of time walking in forests, listening to their murmurs. Apart from a cat purring, that's the most soothing thing I know. Head in the sky, feet deeply rooted in the earth... When Mojo left, we took the habit to walk his brother Mantra in forests. He loves that. We harness him, for his safety, but he would follow us without the leash. Non human creatures are simply amazing, when you really pay attention to them.

  • @judypie Feb 22

    Felion. GOOD ONE.

  • @oddbod  Feb 22

    I'm away for a few days so not a lot of time left for Casio-punk but what about if you send me some lyrics and I'll see if I can knock out something real quick?
    Or any ideas and I'll add the Casio stuff?

  • @ihelen  Feb 22

    Ha - you have excellent ideas spilling out of your brain! If I ever do a punk album, I will have to let you know! 😄

  • @judypie Feb 22

    Hahaha, then keep 'em comin! 😝

  • @sherrycanary  Feb 22

    I was hoping you would sing it.
    much funnier that way

  • @sueawesome Feb 21

    I left you notes on the revised post instead of clogging up your soundboard. Hope you had a great weekend.

  • @caterwauler  Feb 20

    Thanks a lot for your great feedback.
    Blade Runner... <3<3<3

    It's very interesting, what you said about letting the higher-self take over. My approach is not very different from yours, actually. Well, I don't know much about Santeria/Ifa/Voodoo (that I find fascinating, mind you), but I do try and "disappear", to let something else speak through me, both in writing and music.
    It worked so well with @mojo that I wouldn't be able to play the same kind of stuff without him, if I tried to.

    Yes, FAWM's pace don't allow us to focus on irrelevant things, and that's great. That being said, my future self is already cursing me for the ridiculous amount of work she will have on the new songs.

  • @sherrycanary  Feb 20

    Sent you updated email

  • @sync  Feb 20

    Your songs make me so fucken HAPPY!

  • @ihelen  Feb 20

    Hello you - Of course I'm serious about being a bit jealous of your skills! I wouldn't joke about that. Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my Spring song. It's really impressive that you're doing your music by ear. That's a lot of memorization or something! Anyway, it's obvious that you're quite intelligent (based on what I've read and heard via your songs and lyrics), so you can definitely learn the theory if you want. I suck at drums though. lol Seriously. But I think I'll try to learn it one day. And it's okay if you laugh at my guitars, because I did. I love distortion though - really covers a lot of things up for me. 😆 Anyway, thanks for inspiring me with your playing, and have a good day / night!

  • @sueawesome Feb 19

    oh..and as for the layers.. my laptop met its demise last year..I totally get it. (not that I had layers of music stuff like you do..just visual things)

    but it's interesting you should have that challenge and I heard for you to push for it
    maybe it's not the layers you think they are

  • @sueawesome Feb 19

    is root working a music thing?

    she is a force to be reckoned with
    her hints are a language I seek to know well and speak better

    thank you Jupiter for the lovely and insightful thoughts you always share

  • @chrishope  Feb 19

    you win nothing Master.. and you shall recieve it in abundance ..thanks for ear ing my dribbles

  • @sueawesome Feb 19

    I think you should go in whatever order you see fit. I trust your talent and judgement. And I also think you should only do it if you have the time and desire. I just heard your voice instantly. But that could be my own desires being injected. I don't want it to stress you. I only want it to be fun/good if you do it (which you don't have to).

  • @sueawesome Feb 19

    I'm supposed to tell you it needs lots of layers 😳. Lots of deep dark layers. And intense energy. Unless I'm going crazy. 🙊 I'm probably going crazy and you aren't even working on it. 😝

  • @ihelen  Feb 19

    Ha - well your toilet song was well worth the wait! 😀 Yeah, I changed my profile pic because it started to look goofy to me. Besides, if some people down the street recognize me, my cover will be blown. 😉

  • @sueawesome Feb 19

    I reworked it.

  • @jessica14  Feb 18

    Thank you for listening to "Unbotton my dress". I guess I was worried that peope would just listen for the title, but I know FAWMers a decent people...not. 😀 Thanks for your kind comment!

  • @sueawesome Feb 18

    oh..and thank you for how kind you were about my stuff

  • @sueawesome Feb 18

    just saw my first message was cut off..

    I was saying the downloadable file you sent me for Carbon won't come up in my email lately. (I saved it to my old computer) 3 months or so since I last heard it. But I can still hear you sing it in my head so that's good.
    Then I said how Chemical Carousel isn't finished. I need to sit down and listen for the rest. I instantly heard your voice when I wrote it out. It needs your oxygen..

  • @sueawesome Feb 18

    you can find me on the moon or Mars most days

  • @sueawesome Feb 18

    hi Jupiter!!! Can't wait to listen to number 9!! I purposely haven't listened to all your work because I don't want to get to the end and be waiting around for more. haha. You already know...sometimes the stuff just comes spewing out of me from nowhere. I suppose there's a chance there's an energy inside me.. it feels very specific and almost always intense...I just want to translate it into something tangible. And that's when it starts to happen. The words just come. It's no different from the process with some of my abstract art, other than one takes the form of words and one takes paint. I know, I'm a weirdo. I've learned to embrace it. It feels good to make something tangible out of energy. Anyway..I will also say it's so interesting to go back and read and re-read. I always feel like there's a message in there for me. Sometimes they help me. More weirdo. haha. But seriously...Carbon and your voice and drums and guitar with it...it heals me. Too bad I cannot pull it u

  • @owl  Feb 17

    where is toilet song

  • @sueawesome Feb 17

    hi jupiter ✨

  • @sherrycanary  Feb 17

    Do you want me to send a vocal wav file of superior?
    if so, Email your addy.
    Have you listened to original demo?
    On the other hand, I hate to break your current streak 😀

  • @leepat  Feb 17

    well, it's an actual song by Grinderman. check it out

  • @leepat  Feb 17


  • @caterwauler  Feb 16

    I've sent you an (empty) email.
    I was a caterwauler before turning into a dark-wave-ish/new-age-ish singer, hence the email. 😀

    Re the "lousy vocals" : yeah, they're definitely below my standards. All the section 1 soprani should be fired.

  • @sherrycanary  Feb 16

    I put up a demo for Superior, which you said should be jazzy. I used Band in a Box. It's Gypsy Jazzy
    If you're in a jazzy mood, I wish you would make a better demo.
    But you might have moved on to toilet love 😀. If not...I will do my best to write something offensive to the masses

  • @zebraphone Feb 16

    born in 2000 not dead 2017
    __§??`?? ?`???$$,
    $?`??`???$$$$$$$$$ $$$,
    ___Ҥ??? ??????$$$$$$____$$$$$$s,,
    _______//___//_ _____$$
    ______//-__ //

  • @zebraphone Feb 16

    hahahahahaha it flew into a wall 😞 😀

  • @zebraphone Feb 16

    ( `.`.` `._
    `._`-. `._
    `--. ,' `. born in 2000
    `--._ `. .`.
    `--.--- `. ` `.
    `.-- `; .`._
    :- : ;. `.__,.,__ __
    ` : ,-( ';o`>.
    `-.`: ,' `._ .: (,-`,
    ; ;. ,:
    ,"`-._>-: ;,' `---.,---.
    `>'" "-` ,' "":::::".. `-.
    `;"'_, (` _ `:::::::::::'" `---.
    -hrr- `-(_,' -'),)`. _ .::::"' `----._,-"")
    _,': `.-' `-----' `--;-. `. ``.`--.____/
    `-^--' (-. `.``-.`-=:-.__)
    ` `.`.`._`.-._`--.)

  • @ihelen  Feb 16

    Sorry if I'm being nosy, but I think that the images from zebraphone is someone playing a guitar.

  • @owl  Feb 16

    Can you get someone to buy the song for a stupid amount of money first? Then you can call me a sellout all you like.
    Ps. Try clipping up your nose hairs with a bobby pin if they're getting in the way of your bagel. They must grow awfully fast.

  • @pipewrench67  Feb 16

    It could be educational.

  • @zebraphone Feb 15


  • @pipewrench67  Feb 15


  • @driftwood1  Feb 15

    Thank you for the kind words. I also like Taylors, but I have a Guild.

  • @adforperu  Feb 14

    Oi, you. Do you do anything online in the other months? I feel like you'd be a good person to befriend on the social medias. @judypie agrees. For realz.

  • @rcmajor Feb 14

    Thx for your comment - I think I will work on that track again after FAWM is over

  • @hbusse Feb 14

    Thanks very much for your listen and comment on The Battle! (A week ago now, sorry, am catching up!)

  • @caterwauler  Feb 14

    I hate Facebook. Emails will be perfect.
    I'll have to check out Ruins. Lisa Gerrard (from Dead Can Dance) also sings in a made-up language based on sonorities.
    At first, I did like you : singing sounds that fit the music, no lyrics, no meaning. In the idea, it was close to glossolalia. When I started working on tracks for my novel, words formed naturally while I sung. Then I associated them with a meaning, in a second phase.
    Now I have enough words and grammar to write lyrics, but I still use this approach to enrich my vocabulary.
    Also, Vaerin is super cool because it allows overtones very easily.

  • @owl  Feb 14

    The band had one Hall and five Oateses. Only additional Oateses are accepted. So I guess if you take off your heels, you could join.

  • @zebraphone Feb 13


  • @metalfoot  Feb 13

    You asked on her song page, and I just noticed this, which you might like: https://leahleah.bandcamp.com/track/h...

  • @oddbod  Feb 12

    yeah, I have one or two casios and I did notice that thread the other day. I'll see how things go

  • @caterwauler  Feb 12

    I did a few songs in French, long ago. I don't like the type of phrasing allowed by this language. Actually, I don't like the many limitations imposed by the lyrics : sonorities, phrasing, and of course, meaning.
    Vaerin freed me of all that -- because I develop it *from* singing, and because nobody but me understands what I sing.

    Dark is indeed a compliment. My story is all about Darkness. I have a few songs that are much darker than the ones I posted this year. If we stay in touch after FAWM, I'll be glad to link you to them (and to the songs in French).

    I use synths and guitars, with a "violining" effect on the latter.
    I often drown them in reverb so that they merge with the synths' resonances.
    I'd love to hear DARK stuff by you. Hope you'll give it a go one of these days. 😀

  • @zecoop  Feb 11

    Thanks a bajillion for listening. I was pretty thrilled with what Karlos added!! 😁
    I had a fun morning checking out a few more of your songs... always a trip! 😉

  • @ihelen  Feb 10

    Thanks for commenting on my Cryptogram song. I used whatever sounds I can find in Logic Pro. Sometimes they have weird, eccentric names, like "Boarding Area." It's hard for me to figure out how something will sound unless I listen to them, and there's a lot there! 😀

  • @oddbod  Feb 10

    "Where exactly is this somewhere in which the sun doesn't shine?"

    Up a donkey

  • @emplate Feb 10

    Thanks for your comments, man! Yeah, I'm pretty uncomfortable with clean vocals, but it was also a reference to this Finnish politician who when caught lying just stated "my mistake, sorry about that" 😁

  • @oddbod  Feb 9

    You said "Knock Knock"
    I said "Who's there"

  • @caterwauler  Feb 8

    Thank you for your lovely feedback.
    You got me intrigued with that (2015 film) Witch. I'll try and remember to watch it when FAWM's over.

  • @spunky4455 Feb 8

    Hahaha! Thanks for the comments! Have a great Feb!

  • @ihelen  Feb 8

    Thanks for commenting on my one chord song! Once I can gather enough energy, I may give my guitar and bass a go. It's been inspiring, listening to the powerful sounds of people like you. 😀

  • @beat  Feb 8

    Yes.... if I squeeze me eyes I can see ya up there!
    Thx for listening and the words. Will hear you.

  • @garlajoie Feb 8

    Thanks for your comment on my latest song! I'd never heard D Knowledge before, cool stuff! I'll probably come back to that song some day in the future, drum programming is new to me and I'm having lots of fun with it.

  • @laotranati Feb 8

    Muchas gracias! 😀

  • @sherrycanary  Feb 8

    That was me jamming with satan 😀

  • @darkmantle  Feb 8

    Here's a vocal removed version of Dreamed of World for your enjoyment. 😀 Didn't upload to FAWM so it doesn't count twice.


  • @popmythology  Feb 8

    Haha, yes, rise, RISE! Thanks for your comment!

  • @sherrycanary  Feb 7

    Ah...that song was a skirmish on Superbowl Sunday, that is why the title of the skirmish was Super...and why I stayed away from the obvious.
    I did watch the SB, and I am gaga for Lady Gaga too!

  • @caterwauler  Feb 5

    Thank you for your lovely comment.
    I hope the candles and the fine wine are not detrimental to your fine songwriting. 😁

  • @fearlessflight2014  Feb 5

    Thanks for your comments about Choose Love, though words can mean such different things to different folks. The kind of love that leads to fear is usually possessive and lustful and selfish. There is true 'agape' love which accepts things and doesn't need to hold on. That's the love I'm thinking 'bout! I do want to write more verses and gratitude was next on my list!

  • @echovoodoo Feb 5

    Yeah, yeah, it's going to be a slow start for me. Don't expect much.

  • @sherrycanary  Feb 4

    Glad you liked Hommage a une Frite.
    It was you that requested that I write a French song about a French Fry ! I'll have that burger medium rare 😀

  • @caterwauler  Feb 4

    Bonjour! 😀
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments. You made me blush...
    Yes, there were two separate accounts ; Mojo even had his own FAWM file hosting and rock hands. Such a creativity deserved it.
    I don't think you should blame A.D.D. ; I never connected the accounts in any obvious way, and I don't think that many people knew who Mojo's human was before this year.

    *Je pratique tous les jours. 😀
    Moi aussi, haha. Mais je n'écris pas ( ou plus) de paroles en français.
    Looking forward to your song sung in French (and to the others too). Your music is wonderful.

  • @oddbod  Feb 4

    Yeah but you said stingy not stringy. If you'd have said stringy we wouldn't be having this conversation, which you gotta admit is a little tedious.

  • @judypie Feb 4

    😁 He's bleeding. *high five*

  • @judypie Feb 4

    Ok master. I do actually prefer it called that actually, good shout. Not sure my picture of various tinder material makes as much sense now but whatevs 😛

  • @oddbod  Feb 4

    what the feck is a stingy thingy? By all means point out what I'm doing wrong but make it in words I understand 👍
    Yeah, I kind of know what you mean about the beat stuff. Hearing deena sing to just the piano part on its own is pretty damn dope

  • @sherrycanary  Feb 4

    I wrote the French song you requested. I just put it up.
    Hope you enjoy it 😀

  • @caterwauler  Feb 4

    Thank you for your kind words on Candle's tribute and on Mojo's soundboard. <3