Eye Will Eat U 14


United States   Jan 2014

Artist Bio

Eye Will Eat U hails from 3263827:

All Seeing Eye-vox guitar
Left Eye-bass vox
Right Eye-Guitar vox
Third Eye-Drums, synths & programming


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  • @oddbod  26 mins

    whacha'yer mean its not synth pop???? - It's got synths and its pop

  • @ihelen 43 mins

    Well if *I* were a developer here, I'd do it differently. *smirk* lololololol Thanks for the lovely, nerdy comments on the song too. I love reading and learning about stuff like that.

  • @ihelen 53 mins

    Useless forums. lol I had some trouble finding how to unlock too, but finally saw it. On the Edit page, in the Status section (right under Lyrics area), there is a drop down list -> Change from Private to Public. 😉

  • @ihelen 1 hour

    Unlocked! Release the hostages!!! Set the python free!!!!

  • @pinky  17 hours

    Thanks for all your awesome comments! If I had to analyze my delivery, I'd say it's a combination of strengths and limitations. I was into writing before music, really into rhyme, but discouraged as it seemed like rhyming wasn't as accepted in modern poetry. I got into music, if I had a rap voice and was more into rap, I might have gone that route, or if I was a better singer, I might fill the space with skill and technique. But because of those limitations, I'm just cramming words into nonrap songs, which maybe accounts for my delivery. I'm really interested in internal rhymes, near rhymes, multi-syllable. This is a pretty cool video of how complex some of the great rappers get, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWveX...

  • @ihelen 18 hours

    Sent you the song for your approval before unlocking it. 88 bpm

  • @moonraccoon  20 hours

    Yes, Wanted does seem to want a full production. I don't know how I'm going to handle that much of an 80s Bon Jovi vibe, though LOL

  • @wacha  22 hours

    Thank you for your kind words on "Follow Me".

  • @judypie 23 hours

    Excellent! Luckily I have two more to write 😁

  • @lenigmusx1  23 hours

    No worries! I am glad you listened and like the track. I really like your work. I am going to get back here to listen and comment more.

  • @judypie 23 hours

    Yes! What's most wonderful is that I just learnt a new word, thankyou! Never heard addendum as addenda before! Hashtagguesswhatmynextsogiscalled

  • @lenigmusx1  23 hours

    Thank you for the comments on "Memories of you". To answer your question:
    I actually played my Alto Sax a 1930's Martin made in Elkhart Indiana(lol). I am a percussionist but also s band teacher. That is why my pitch is s little iffy here and there on the track.

  • @gummunq 1 day

    Oh hey winner! Any skirt that would allow me to literally kick an ass will do.

  • @mantra  1 day

    My brother taught me to not kill before mom's eyes. He spared his preys, and even dropped them unscathed into her hands sometimes. Me, I like eating a good mouse from time to time. And then I'm sick. But I don't kill before mom and I don't bring her dead presents. Émile has to learn the rules. I'm teaching him.
    We don't have coyotes here. I would be afraid of them. I'm afraid of canines, and of geese, and of mammoths and dinosaurs (but mom says they're only on tv and I will never meet one).

    I'm going to superpurr @ihelen so that she finishes the song and opens it. You know what effect inaccessible stuff has on felines... =^.^=

  • @ihelen 2 days

    33 days until you return to check my progress? You *were* serious when you said to take my time. Well my current progress is that I have acquired manuscript paper. Update: Adding to liner notes while working on it. It's coming along!

  • @pinky  2 days

    I think everybody should be bug fanatics! It's funny, I grew up in a small town, so I did a lot of traveling in my 20s, and it really made the world a bigger place. But it wasn't until I got interested in insects in that same small town, that I realized just how huge the world is. If that makes sense? How looking at the smaller things, the intricacies, reveals how much larger, more complex the world is. Anyways, yeah, talking about bugs could be it's own separate forum, and I always sound like I'm high when I talk about this stuff even if I'm not, haha.

  • @emplate 2 days

    Somehow I knew you would like it! Would recommend some album, if I knew how to pick one. They're all great, really, a band with a perfect discography. The last album, Part the Second, is different to others in that it has 0% metal in it, but it, too, is amazing beyond words.

  • @aprilm  3 days

    Thanks for your very kind and encouraging comments on Fork It Over. I really needed the confidence boost.

  • @mantra  3 days

    Yes, Jupiter escapes, but Émile brought a dead rat to my human two days ago. It was not happy (my human, not Émile.)
    And Émile doesn't walk forests, not yet. My humans are still trying to figure out how to handle him when he bugs (he goes 404 very often), so for now he will have to use the jungle cat post.
    Why is your last song locked?? I want to listen!!! Meow! =^.^=

  • @oblivionratula  3 days

    Thanks for listening to "Train Station Soundscape." I'm glad you got the feeling of it. I'm not usually a fan of discord and modulation like what's on the guitar, so I pushed myself a bit on that one - production-wise.

  • @ihelen 3 days

    Oh and look! 88 looks like 4 eyes! Perfect.

  • @ihelen 3 days

    What do you mean by 87 more song lyrics? ... I think it's only fair that if I don't get to them, you should do all of them. All 88. 😀

  • @caterwauler 3 days

    "you can use your owner as a scratching post"
    ⚠️¥ff ¥f¥ff¥⚠️¥ff⚠️ ¥⚠️¥f ⚠️¥ff ¥f¥ff¥⚠️¥ff⚠️⚠️¥ff ¥f¥ff¥⚠️¥ff⚠️ ¥⚠️¥f ⚠️¥ff ¥f¥ff¥⚠️¥ff⚠️ ⚠️¥ff ¥f¥ff¥⚠️¥ff⚠️ ¥⚠️¥f ⚠️¥ff ¥f¥ff¥⚠️¥ff⚠️ ⚠️¥ff ¥f¥ff¥⚠️¥ff⚠️ ¥⚠️¥f ⚠️¥ff ¥f¥ff¥⚠️¥ff⚠️⚠️¥ff ¥f¥ff¥⚠️¥ff⚠️ ¥⚠️¥f ⚠️¥ff ¥f¥ff¥⚠️¥ff⚠️⚠️¥ff ¥f¥ff¥⚠️¥ff⚠️ ¥⚠️¥f ⚠️¥ff ¥f¥ff¥⚠️¥ff⚠️!!!

  • @mantra  3 days

    Whoa okay mate, forget everything I said. I promise I'll be a good little meow and I'll respect you and and where is the catnip? Gimme gimme gimme!
    [P.S. : We think Jupiter's found his/her way out.]

  • @sherrycanary  3 days

    can you send my your email address to sscanary@gmail.com
    I don't want your hordes of fans to flood you with email.....or your enemies to send you threatening email either 😀
    I just wrote a song you MUST do. Hot off the press

  • @emplate 3 days

    Thanks for your comment on "Yön salat"! Haha, I actually use Guitar Pro for drums, so there's not much choices, and I bet there could be lots of improvements on the sounds : D My computer couldn't probably run any decent drum software, so I'm a bit stuck until I get a better one. But I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  • @pinky  3 days

    Bees are definitely fascinating. I think the whole superorganism concept is very foreign to us, long live rugged individualism! The things I read about ants and termites are pretty mindblowing, but they can't be charged rent(read: exploited for honey). The amount of precise architecture and chemistry going on in there, I'm continually amazed. And now with the revelations of epigenetics, we're really just scratching the surface of what goes on with these critters. Anyways, I can go on way too much about this stuff. But I really appreciate hearing about people who see a bug and consider it as more than a pest. So thanks for your compassion!

  • @alphanerg 4 days

    Thanks for listening to Passive Attack again for me. Great insights. Someone once told me in a previous FAWM (it might have been you) that if you mix and it sounds good on cheap headphones, it will sound good on anything. I think i took that as an excuse never to get more expensive headphones. (since i break any set i have in a couple months anyway) Anyway, I might end up layering on another snare, I'm not sure yet, but i do really need to EQ that one bass synth more. It takes up so much room, which I like about it, but it also causes problems because. Unfortunately I used that bass synth on almost all my songs this year.

  • @ihelen 4 days

    What - you didn't hear the cowbell? There were lots of bells - tiny bells for tiny cows. I have a backlog of songs. That lightbulb thing is still sitting there, rusting or something.

  • @pinky  4 days

    Of all the percussion we threw at the track, neither of us had cowbell! Now I'll never get over this fever.

  • @emplate 4 days

    Some metal stuff: done.

  • @mantra  5 days

    FFS mate you're a human and I'm a CAT!!! I haz superpowers! Just try hand wrestling me and I'll let my superpurr out and you'll fall asleep in one second. Don't mess with me, mate!

  • @degausser  5 days

    Blimey, you have a lot of middle fingers...

  • @captainvulpine  5 days

    [This is a compliment]
    I like your shitty attitude and the fucked up shit you do, you fucking bizarro freak. Keep it up.

  • @alphanerg 5 days

    Thanks for all the comments! RE: Passive Attack, My only headphones are really cheapo ones. I really should invest in better ones for music. I know what you mean, the drums are not really hard hitting, I didn't spend much time on them this year and they are pretty understated. I can't decide if I want to keep them like that or mess with them more. If it doesn't sound okay on your good headphones please let me know?

    RE: Domestic Short Circuit, Is a 303 what @mantra used to make those? Maybe i should invest in one!

  • @judypie 6 days

    Lollllll at buying a purse. You fucking maniac. Yes you're right, you do have to be intelligent to play video games. Glad you picked up on this 😀

  • @judypie 6 days


  • @judypie 6 days

    Yeahh duuddde, I added my liner notes so people know the truth. But seriousness, thanks ever so much for the collab. Awesome fun 😁

  • @judypie 6 days

    Works fine, I've suggested some changes.. JAPES, upload it when you find internet again please 😀 A pleasure doing business!

  • @mantra  6 days

    Maow eew! Ehowrr!
    [I'm not big! I'm strong!]

  • @judypie 1 week

    That's the shittest apology I ever saw!

  • @judypie 1 week

    HE CAN SEE WHAT YOURE SAYING YOU KNOW. Can you please apologise to him

  • @judypie 1 week

    Wow. Will you stop picking on my Adam please?!? He looks ENTIRELY normal in that pic!

  • @judypie 1 week

    :-0 That's @adforperu drying off his beard!!! How dare you!

  • @judypie 1 week

    JAPES!! Please continue with our collab!! Pls pls pls

  • @judypie 1 week

    That'll be the incoming block I put on your email address dude..

  • @pinky  1 week

    Grinning ear to ear! It sounds amazing!

  • @owl  1 week

    hahaha, I don't think death metal is in my wheelhouse but you should make this happen! "Family Man" would be pretty awesome, put some harmonized guitars on that little verse riff...

    I did a Go-Go's tribute last Halloween and one of the bands we played with was called Madonnavana and was Madonna songs in the style of Nirvana.

  • @oddbod  1 week

    Hey, finally got to listen. For some reason my phone wouldn’t play it yesterday. Mix sounds fine to me.
    It was a blast doing this so cheers for letting me chuck my bits in. Sounds great

  • @santadharma 1 week

    Omnichord voodoo 😀 and word on the married to music thing: on paper we’re married but it’s more like we’re polygamous because we’re also married to our instruments. 😀

  • @sherrycanary  1 week

    Stink Bug in French is punaise Puante
    I challenge you to write It!

  • @caterwauler 1 week

    Yeah, thanks for the gift! ¥⚠️¥f ⚠️¥ff ¥f¥ff¥⚠️¥ff⚠️
    The cats and I will send some of our crazy vibes your way in gratitude. 😀

  • @owl  1 week

    I was trying to see if you could rearrange "Hall and Oates" to spell "Hail Satan"--the closest I got was "Haoll Sataend" (or the devil's band, "Hal an Aits")

  • @sherrycanary  1 week

    I created a BIAB backing track.
    I thought of you when I did the song, remembering Drunks Puke and French perfume....So I made it into a romantic ballad. Haha

  • @sueawesome 1 week

    five more to go!

  • @owl  1 week

    thanks for the listen! Forgot about your weird bandcamp issue. I think two backslashes to escape the first one will fix it. let's see: \m/

  • @pinky  1 week

    Pure insanity! Love it! Didn't even realize it hadn't been mixed yet. But then again, I think I'm rubbing sticks together and you're playing with fire.

  • @ihelen 1 week

    Okay I don't normally curse, but WHAT THE FOOOOOOOOOOO?!?! I said ONE song, and now there's another one??? Ha ha hahahahaha You're too funny. Now we're collaborators - who would've thought huh? Thanks for being so nice. 😀

  • @ihelen 1 week

    Well I posted the song since Valentine's Day is almost over (well here at least), and it doesn't make sense to post a song that says it's Valentine's Day when it's not. I'd be glad to add you as a collaborator since you wrote the words (on my soundboard), but if you're too embarrassed of the association to my raucosity, it's no biggie. I was tempted to add you, but then thought it'd be rude to do so without asking. Oh I mentioned you in the notes though... So there. No more songs from me for the rest of the month. :-&

  • @caterwauler 1 week

    Yes, I'm serious about the mouse... And yes, your music induces craziness, and as I have my share of craziness with nature/animals on a regular basis, the alchemy makes for interesting stuff. 🙂
    (One of my last crazy things was just before fawm : a sparrowhawk came perching on my window sill and stared at me with his piercing yellow eyes for several minutes. It felt crazy.)
    Sooo the mouse ; yes, it lived. So far we haven't found a dead body. But obviously it's still inside the house (and will stay there until we find a brilliant idea or until a cat catches it.) I feed it. Told the cats it was under my protection (and that they should go chase a carrot). If in the end it becomes a domestic mouse, I'll name it Jupiter.
    To be continued...

  • @ihelen 1 week

    So... if you wrote the words to the song, is this supposed to be like a collab thing where I add your name somewhere? I should warn you, the music I made so far is baaaaad. The bad kind, as in not the good kind.

  • @sueawesome 1 week

    I don't write music just words
    it's ok, I know you're busy, I'd rather you do you anyway so we all don't miss out

  • @emplate 1 week

    Hahah, thanks for the comment, man! I still have that effing thesis to write, but on the other hand, I also have a week long vacation coming up next week... Let's see, would definitely like to get something more done!

  • @lanasolyluna 1 week

    Aww thanks so much. Yes you know pretty much all you really need to know in Japanese. It's amazing how bad my Japanese is considering how long I've lived here, but Tokyo is pretty anti-social, so it's easy to just get by on the bare minimum. No one wants to hear the crazy shit I have to say anyway 😀

  • @sueawesome 1 week

    cant we ever write one together?!?

    yeah.. super tall preposterous order, forgive me

    {resumes dancing}

  • @sueawesome 1 week

    please have more on the way of yours

    fawm listeners need it

  • @pinky  1 week

    80 pedals!!!(wipes off drool) I'm a total pedal nut, I've even started building some. One of my favorite pieces of kit, is the Decibel Eleven Pedal Palette, it lets you run 4 loops, normal on/off stuff, but then also run them parallel, or switch the order of the loops on the fly, an experimenter's dream. I just looped a section of the song and threw a bunch of crap at it, then chopped out the better bits. I know my Schumann PLL clone was in there, it's bonkers. Can't wait to hear what you come up with!

  • @oddbod  1 week

    email sent with attachments

  • @ampersandman  1 week

    Now thank you for your comments. This morning I was ready to give up music altogether after hearing your songs, because what's the point.
    By the way, I don't use Ableton, but what you heard on "Modern Hero" was Logic's Voice Changer plugin which seems to do the same, and later the Frohmage filter.

  • @judypie 1 week

    We can work on the title. Or disregard my entire idea. I'm easy:) It's just SUCH AN HONOUR TO BE COLLABING WITH YOU O'MIGHTY ROCKGOD.

  • @judypie 1 week

    Now listen here, I am not 100% sure what pelotas are ok but I assure you that I probably have them in abundance. It was Adam and Degausser yesterday who said I should ask you if you wanted to collab and I was like nahhhhhhhh man, my music is way too sophisticated but they kept jabbering on saying ask him ask him and then Adam goes and meddles up in my business and writes that on your wall without telling me.. anyway, yes basically I'd love to collab with you if you're down.
    I did have just a couple of lines of lyrics come to me yesterday actually which has the working title of 'Wet and Happy'. Was gonna try and put it to guitar tonight. That could be fun for a collab?! You got an email I can waffle on to?!

  • @oddbod  1 week

    user error I reckon

  • @adforperu  1 week

    " I watched the film on the phone to California." - hahaha, what a stupid typo. Obvs I meant plane.

  • @adforperu  1 week

    Yes, you understand in full. However, I love how you just assume I read your replies and I don't get my PA to pick out 5 key words so I can guess the gist.

  • @pinky  1 week

    Two emails coming your way. Included the files as attachments, 1 guitar and 2 vocals. Let me know if you have any troubles. And good luck, some weird stuff in those files.

  • @adforperu  1 week

    I'm pretty sure I didn't mention the sample no, and it was very hidden away too. I watched the film on the phone to California. As you know the film is Iranian, so I just assumed it was set then. Then we drove through Taft and I remember thinking "hey, these oil diggers look familiar". Upon investigation, GUESS WHERE IT WAS SET.

    Also, @judypie won't dare ask you to collaborate.

  • @engebretsen  1 week

    Thanks a lot for comments on "If I Said I´m Sorry" I agree 100% about vocal stuff you comment. But little rusty in singing while I do this only once a year: Fawm. But it getting better during this month.. kremt.. Sure appreciated you´re comments.

  • @gummunq 1 week

    my friends just told me that reptiles disguised as humans are perpetuating global warming so they will be more comfortable once the humans go away. is it true???????

  • @oddbod  1 week

    I totally heard slide too...acoustic. I was gonna throw a solo your way. I might still do and you can decide if you want it or not.

  • @gummunq 1 week

    uh yeah also your name is a little anxiety causing! ahahaha. i just misread one of your song titles as Files are Windows Maggots

  • @oddbod  1 week

    Cheers...I'm on it.
    What you want back - just a dry track to mix in?

  • @judypie 2 weeks

    Haha that vocal does sound different doesn't it. That's what it's like when I'm laid down in bed with the earphone inline mic right up in ma mouth. I'll try another with that technique 😀

  • @judypie 2 weeks

    ISSIT EMMA STONE? Please say it is. Someone said it to me once and it made me happy cos I love her. If it's the elephant man that's cool too though. Back to the song.. Thank you! : D

  • @pinky  2 weeks

    Got it! Awesome!!! Psyched, I'm gonna work on it some today.

  • @caterwauler 2 weeks

    All I know from Enya is Orinoco Flow and the LOTR soundtrack songs. Getting compared to her so often makes me think that I maybe should listen to her stuff.
    Thanks for the lovely compliment.

  • @adforperu  2 weeks

    I shall listen to your newest later, but I did notice you tell @degausser that you sampled the same film I sampled last year! WAT R THE ODDS

  • @lanasolyluna 2 weeks

    Thanks for listening to Basic Witch. I speak English and Spanish fluently. My Japanese is still pretty awkward but communicative. I want to sing more in Japanese but still overcoming that hurdle. Oddly I often find Spanish the easiest to improvise in.

  • @pinky  2 weeks

    Yeah, just shoot it to that email. Excited to hear it!

  • @sueawesome 2 weeks

    I'm still getting brave to read your number three

  • @oddbod  2 weeks


  • @sueawesome 2 weeks

    I love how you (almost) always hear music with the words I write. not because they are my words, rather I just find it fascinating. like you yourself are an instrument

    I didn't like either of those titles.
    actually.. I liked ice cream but wanted to write a whole other lyric for it

  • @oddbod  2 weeks

    Okay cool. Is it an MP3? if so yes, send it to that email. If it's a wav it might be too big.

  • @leah0k  2 weeks

    Ah yes - I am not sure what it might be - I use an old skool zoom “multi trak” to record with and I barely know what I’m doing haha - I’ll have to enlist my bro to help me with levels and whatnot after FAWM is over. Thanks for the tip!

  • @pinky  2 weeks

    Sounds perfect! Let's make some noise!!!!

  • @lanasolyluna 2 weeks

    We actually had tracks to spare on that cassette recording because we looped a little groove first in our loopers and then performed/improvised live on top. Glad you liked it! And thanks for listening.

  • @ihelen 2 weeks

    Pluck a rubber band and sing over it. Golly gosh darnit. Golly gosh darnit. Pluck a rubber band and sing oooooover it... Aww you almost got me to write a song using your words. 😉

  • @lanasolyluna 2 weeks

    I’m the sushi cat roll so I hope no one eats me 😀

  • @caterwauler 2 weeks

    I'll email you later for in-depth talk regarding that. 😉
    (Later means LATER¥¥, prolly after FAWM.)

  • @caterwauler 2 weeks

    You're ¥¥¥¥ing brilliant, JuPeter! 🙂

  • @caterwauler 2 weeks