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United States   Feb 2014  

Artist Bio

Influences:   pop, glam, surf, disco, punk, new wave, hair metal, gospel, and a bit of jazz.

Congrats to everyone who finished 14 songs! 440+ people this year. March goals: Rewrite and demo. Listen. Comment. Collab?

Songs (29)

#1 Power Junkies 7
6 weeks
#2 Lizard in the Sunshine 5
6 weeks
#3 Movie Musical 8
6 weeks
#4 Through Her Eyes 5
6 weeks
#5 That's the Way 1
6 weeks
#6 Don't Call Me Eccentric 4
6 weeks
#7 Space Travel is so Long and Boring 3
6 weeks
#8 Paycheck to Paycheck in Paradise 3
6 weeks
#9 Ebonfyre Dreams 2
6 weeks
#10 Modern Passive Aggressive Lullaby 4
6 weeks
#11 Vegetable Domination 5
6 weeks
#12 Legacy 5
6 weeks
#13 Wake Up to Reality Now 6
6 weeks
#14 Conjunctivitis 2
6 weeks
#15 Cold Chicago Sidewalks 3
6 weeks
#16 Blue as a Bruise 1
5 weeks
#17 Brains 4
5 weeks
#18 Biggest Fan 1
5 weeks
#19 If I Was a Millionaire 7
5 weeks
#20 Breakfast Isn't Just for Breakfast 5
5 weeks
#21 Celebrate Yourself 4
5 weeks
#22 Gentle Mental Agent 3
4 weeks
#23 Millionaire @neilconnor 4
4 weeks
#24 No Spark 1
3 weeks
#25 Empty Field 1
3 weeks
#26 Can't Afford to be an Addict 1
3 weeks
#27 I don't know if I wrote you a love song 4
3 weeks
#28 Shelby Wants to Write a Song 2
3 weeks
#29 You're Amazing 4
3 weeks


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  • @eringoblog 2 weeks

    I've got something rough/not quite complete posted for "Fighting the Black Thing." Thanks for visiting/being interested!

  • @gvgeis 2 weeks

    Thanks for your listen and comment on Little Star! Yes, the vocals were just superb!! 😀

  • @petra777  2 weeks

    heya, thanks for the mention in the forum...much appreciated...sorry so slow to has been up & down...booo!

  • @vegansongs 3 weeks

    Hi iveg, Thank you for the comment on Hey Max. I will most likely give Max a happy safe place to unwind in the music!

  • @musicsongwriter 3 weeks

    Thank you for your warm comment on my collaboration with Amanda and Dawn.

  • @squeakmouse73 3 weeks

    Thanks for your input on this song. It's obvious I was doing something I usually don't do: vent. LOL. I'm just watching this friend go through unhealthy patterns that are affecting everybody around her, as well as herself, and truth is, I just want to see her free. I love answer songs, though, and will look forward to reading it, if you decided to write one.

  • @tinam 3 weeks

    im very impressed you know my songs betterthan i do!
    you were right it was William the Wonder Cat part4....thanks for reminding me!

  • @aneil 3 weeks

    Thanks for the comment ! Clearly you got the message and I will definitely take advise in finishing this WIP

  • @aneil 3 weeks

    Thanks for the comment ! Clearly you got the message and I will definitely take advise in finishing this WIP

  • @famouspatrick  4 weeks

    Thanks, for the nice comment on my "Breakfast" skirmish song.

  • @hazeyjohnii  5 weeks

    Thank you so much for the comments on my songs, I really appreciate it!

  • @karismitchell  5 weeks

    @iveg I am new to FAWM, and as lyrics only I've been open to more than one collaboration to find the music. If there was something you liked, I'm happy if you try it out.

  • @adamhill  5 weeks

    Hey, great profile pic! I've got the demo up for "Soon Enough". Thanks for listening!

  • @yam655  5 weeks

    Thanks for the comment on "Celebrate Yourself." It turns out I accidentally uploaded a demo that was missing the vocal component. That's been corrected. (If you're interested.)

  • @yam655  5 weeks

    Thanks for the comment on "Celebrate Yourself." According to the software, it was 4/4 and 132 BPM. I suspect what was throwing you off was the drum sequence. I kind of just mashed buttons until something seemed to work. My sense of normal seems to be a little askew, so I'm not terribly surprised I thought "these drums work" and someone else thinks "what's going on here?" 😀

  • @sayda 5 weeks

    thanks for the comment! 😀

  • @arthurrossi 5 weeks

    You are right! 😀 Thanks so much for the funny comment!

  • @tamsnumber4  6 weeks

    Thanks for listening to "One on One With Nature" I really appreciate it!

  • @sarahk 6 weeks

    Heya! I never came back and told you the rough demo went up for "My Gravitational Getaway" aka the Diet Rite song.
    Happy listening!

  • @smiley 6 weeks

    Thanks for your comment and reminding me it was the Mrs. I guess when you find a rhyme and get excited you rush to make it work. I am looking forward to listening to some of yours. Again, thank you.

  • @monplaisir 6 weeks

    Hey, thanks for your nice comment 😀 Yes, it's a toy keyboard, I've soldered an output jack on it and had some effect pedals to make it harshy 😀

  • @nine  6 weeks

    Thank you for liking our kid song, @iveg. We made a close English translation for you 😀

  • @faststrings 6 weeks

    Hey Iveg thank you comment on the song I appreciate it. And yep I hope I can get a demo for it to.

  • @arthurrossi 6 weeks

    Hey! Thanks so much for the lovely and generous comment! I was very happy to read it...

  • @blackrose1313 6 weeks

    Thanks for the review!

  • @barbara  6 weeks

    Gah! Twenty-one more listens to go, to catch up on commenting Superskirmishes. And I didn't do that many! On the bright side, I'm almost halfway home to 14 songs. A couple of those 21 comments are coming your way, but I'm doing it methodically, so see ya in a while.

  • @aprilm 6 weeks

    Thanks for checking out my song! It was fun to play around with the loops! Always a fun go-to when it's very late and too much wine makes playing a challenge! haha

  • @sunnymae  6 weeks

    Iveg...what are SHOW qualities?

  • @sarahk 6 weeks

    Thanks for commenting on my skirmish song. I got a recording posted now, if you'd like to take a listen!

  • @barbara  6 weeks

    You are going to have your hands full making the skirmish rounds, I'll bet. Don't impose any sense of hurry. I'll be here all month (ba-dum tss!).

  • @cindyrella  6 weeks

    You are right. I saw the challenge late and wrote it in about 5 minutes. With time, I will probably do a rewrite.

  • @caseewilson  7 weeks

    I am here this year! Hello! Let's do this! 😁

  • @tinam 7 weeks

    hiya! I love your new avatar realy have a way with carrots!

  • @tootoobee  7 weeks

    Happy FAWMing, Iveg! 😀

  • @petra777  7 weeks