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Elora Canada   Nov 2015

Artist Bio

Influences:   NewOrder, Nick Cave, Lambchop

I've been playing acoustic guitar for about 3 years. I'm messing around with alternate tuning (open C and E mostly) as well as partial capo playing.

I'm spending the month of February at a beach house on Kiawah Island SC. While it has the advantage of isolation, it has the disadvantage of proper resources; for example, I do not have access to a printer which makes lyric mods/markup frustrating. My arsenal consists of an old beat-up Yamaha and a Tascam DR-40 recorder, and 3 extra sets of D'Addario EJ16 strings.

I write this the morning of February 18th. I've just posted my 14th song. My focus now has shifted to recording the MP3 files for them. Also, I still have 3 more songs I'm still writing.

My profile states "Nov 2015" but I signed up back then to just look around. This is my first FAWM.

And, I am not the 666. But, I am 66.

Songs (17)

#1 Sad Song 1
Feb 7
#2 Umami 1
Feb 7
#3 People In Stone Houses (Should Not Throw Glasses) 2
Feb 7
#4 Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud 2
Feb 7
#5 Hydroplaning on the TCH 1
Feb 7
#6 The Dick Joke Song 1
Feb 8
#7 Watermelon, Black Pepper and Vodka (For Breakfast) 2
Feb 9
#8 Poster Child (For The Milk Carton Kids) 2
Feb 11
#9 David Lynch 1
Feb 15
#10 Coming Home 4
Feb 15
#11 To And Too Is Two 1
Feb 17
#12 Mile High Club 1
Feb 17
#13 Salem Falls 2
Feb 18
#14 High Five 1
Feb 18
#15 Theme From FAWM2018 2
Feb 18
#16 Hobo Nightmare 3
Feb 26
#17 A FAWM Farewell 5
Feb 27


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  • @spinhead  Mar 2

    Have an early S6

    I love the cedar top. My Blueridge tenor is the only spruce topped guitar I've ever liked. Those Maritimes look blaze though, eh?

  • @jenjen Feb 15

    Thanks for your idea of starting a riff with F#m- it totally worked, I was getting to stuck on the lyrics and just jamming totally unstuck my creativity. cheers

  • @iamthe666  Feb 8

    All my posted songs so far are in "standard tuning".

    I'm going to switch now to "Open C" for a bit. I don't like re-tuning and re-tuning -- strings can wear and break (guess that's why I own 3 acoustic guitars :^)

  • @mkd  Feb 7

    There is definitely an issue with showing your hairstyle off in your current pic, in that it cuts off just at the top of your forehead... so I still donโ€™t believe you yet... ๐Ÿค” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @iamthe666  Feb 7

    Yikes! My laptop just halted and rebooted! I hate technology -- it just screws you over every chance it gets. I know because I've been in IT all my life!

  • @iamthe666  Jan 25

    Thank you @oddbod for asking :^)

    One morning, a year or so back, I read on CNN (or somewhere) that Yoko Ono was rushed to a NYC hospital with some respritory
    or coronary problem (I'm already seeing a rhyme in there :^)

    My initial thought was: "Oh no, Yoko ONO is going to die". And then, my thought were the same as any OBIT writer for any newspaper: "write this up quick and just wait for it". Anyway, it turns out she just had the flu. But, I have a folder (as I do for all of my "works in progress") that has a label on it: Oh No Yoko's Dead.

    I hope I never have to write that song.


  • @oddbod  Jan 25

    Okay then I will, what about "Oh No Yoko's Dead"?

  • @iamthe666  Jan 23

    I'm bringing along a lot of little pieces to FAWM: some chord progressions I've been playing around with; a bunch of two line rhymes; reverse chords of songs I've written before; maybe just a title idea or two scratched down on the palm of my hand (ask me about my snippet titled "Oh No Yoko's Dead").