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United States   Jan 2016

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Influences:   From classical to ethnic music. Joik, taiko, gamelan, Hardangerfela, bagpipes, throat singing...skew mostly Nordic/Celtic. I'm not a musician so this will be a creative challenge. Interested in lyrics, the gray zone between poetry and music, like the moment the jet picks up speed and lifts off.

If a bear hums in the forest does anyone hear it?

2017: Came down with The Plague before FAWM, missed the whole first week. Can't even hum w/o coughing. Tired and listless in my lair, all those meds and still can't draw enough air. Hope to muster enough energy join some skirmishes and listen to some tunes soon.

Final weekend of FAWM and I'm still sick. : ( But I can breathe a little better so I'm going to see if I can make it to 14.

Final day of FAWM, still sick but hit 14. Missed participating more fully, maybe I can do some listening/commenting in March.

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