Horne's Gift Shop 14


Whitby UK   Feb 2018


Artist Bio

Keepin' it unreal in the pubs of Whitby since 2004.

If you want to call me by name, I'm Jon Horne. If you like the words, more of them are available in all good bookshops, Amazon, and Kindle Store. If you like the noises, click the Bandcamp link.


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  • @francessmith Feb 27

    Congrats on the finish. Thanks for listening to my songs too. I had a strange Fawm this year, but I ended up quite pleased with most of my songs. Hope to see you in 2019, have a good year.

  • @silvermachine  Feb 21

    Hey man, really chuffed you like 'I'm Much More Famous Than You Gerald'. I've made it downloadable for ya.

  • @corinnelucy  Feb 18

    Thanks for your comment on Valentine's Gift, I think you're right - last verse needs scrapping! Thanks for helping 😊

  • @judypie  Feb 17

    Awesome, thanks so much for comments on more than blue! That means a lot! 😀

  • @davidhendricks Feb 2018

    Just dropping by to say thanks for the nice comment, and answer your question. I got the idea for the 1963 challenger from this thread:


    It's made me want to do a whole series of surf inspired tunes. It's not a style I love with a capital "L' but they're fun to do.

  • @francessmith Feb 2018

    Thanks for your comment on Island. I've rerecorded a few vocals, and they've ended up sounding worse than the original. So I'll most likely rerecord those vocals, but it's possible the ones I have may be the best I'll get.

  • @francessmith Feb 2018

    I find Fawm useful, as it forces me to get songs written. Hopefully that'll work for you too. I see you're from Whitby. There have been a couple of other people from Whitby who have tried fawm, or 50/90. It must be a very creative place!

  • @francessmith Feb 2018

    Hello. Are you new to fawm, or have you been here before in another disguise? Whatever. hope you find it a good way to get some songs written.