Howling Horse 15


Helsinki Finland   Feb 2013  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Many. Try and spot them.

My intention is to reject limitations.
I expect not to succeed.

Check out my band, Ever Circling Wolves, at because we've just released a new album and it rocks!

What I'm using in these recordings:
Fender Big Apple Stratocaster
LTD H-351NT guitar
Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster
Fender Precision Bass
Ibanez SR300 bass
Takamine acoustic guitar
Focusrite 2i2
Amplitube 3
EzDrummer 2
assorted other plugins (all of which were free; ask and I'll try and tell you)
actual pedals (I'll update the list as I go):
Frank Caskelot Effects Monspo Fuzz (that's my own making, y'all!)
tc electronic Rusty Fuzz
Parasit Studio SIdescroller (built it myself, though)
Behringer HM300 Heavy Metal Distortion
Behringer TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive
BOSS HM-3 "Hyper Metal"
"Killmari Ianto" (a clone of ZVEX's Fuzz Factory with some modding by yours truly)

Last year's tracks can be found at my soundcloud, 2015 tracks are at my bandcamp.


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  • @emplate 7 weeks

    Haha, thanks, man! As I said to you earlier, I kinda started to like that song after I had recorded it.

  • @pfoo  7 weeks

    Hey - I have not been very engaged this fawm, and haven't managed much. Congrats on going beyond 14!

  • @emplate Feb 21

    Hey, forgot to thank you for the comment on "With Spears And Arrows"! I was striving for relentless and furious atmosphere, so it's nice if I succeeded. Actually, after getting some distance to the song, I find myself quite liking it again after all.

  • @popmythology  Feb 14

    Then you guys succeeded! *thumbs up*

  • @stuartbenbow  Feb 12

    Thanks for listening to and commenting on my song, Heartbeats. Much appreciated!

  • @emplate Feb 12

    Haha, we should collab and do a "You Suffer" type of track!

  • @emplate Feb 8

    Distortion 'till death!

  • @boyatheart  Feb 8

    Oh I think the shoegaze tag is appropriate for sure and that is a cool thing! 😀

  • @boyatheart  Feb 8

    Thanks for the comments! I appreciate it 😀

  • @emplate Feb 7

    Forgot to thank you for your comment on "Mouth of Perdition"! Hope you'll remember the singer my voice reminded you of, really curious about it!

  • @furiante Feb 7

    I in fact thought of Earth's album "Hex...", which I love, but didn't bother mentioning names! So a successful emulation at least for me.

  • @furiante Feb 3

    Comparing to the music of the Moomins might just be the biggest compliment of them all. Thanks.