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York UK   Jan 2017

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I used to write a lot, but was never very good at finishing, and haven't written anything since 2012. But I just moved to a new job in a new city, and finally have a room where I can make noise without disturbing anyone. So this is my first attempt at FAWM, just to get back into the habit. If you listen, thank you, and please let me know what you think.

EDIT: thanks for comments and watches, and sorry if I haven't returned the favour. What's the FAWM word for feeling guilty for not listening to and commenting on more stuff because you're too busy working and writing songs?


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  • @judypie Mar 26

    Thanks HazeyJohnni! Cappadocia is also most likely my fave of my own this year too 😀 San Junipero is indeed correct for series 3, episode 4 😝

  • @ampersandman  Mar 21

    thanks for the files. I had some trouble extracting them yesterday, but I found a way to make it work.I'll dig in tonight (if I can get the GB format running - I'll let you know).

  • @audrey  Mar 19

    Thank you for your kind words on my Christmas piece. So glad you like it, and thank you for having a listen.

  • @yam655  Mar 15

    Congratulations on hitting Century Club! 😀

  • @gordon Mar 15

    Greetings from (old) Amsterdam! Thanks for taking a listen and leaving such kind comments. FAWM is great imho for making you write songs and so congrats on the win.

  • @mikeskliar  Mar 13

    thank you so much for your generous comments on my album, and thanks for listening!!!!!!!!!!!! (and i need to start listening to your songs as well!!)

  • @billwhite51 Mar 11

    Thanks for listening and leaving such a nice comment on Death Came for the Hangman. Having enjoyied your songs, I am very happy you enjoyed mine as well.

  • @ihelen  Mar 11

    Thanks for commenting on my Takeover song! Don't feel bad for ABC - I'm ABC (American born Chinese). It's a term some Chinese people use. And the story in the song is made up - nobody actually said that I'm not pretty. If they did, I didn't hear it. That video you linked is quite funny, especially when they go backwards and start running... we do something similar, but a bit more musical, in the states - it's called marching band. 😉

  • @piney  Mar 7

    Thank You! 😊

  • @sunnymae  Mar 7

    Thanks for dropping by my page and for your amazing comments on Rag & Bone. I was very touched writing it and I'm very pleased you felt the same. I've got so much listening to do and I'm looking forward to digging into some of yours. Congratulations on completing 14 songs and getting your FAWM trophy!

  • @leahshoshanah Mar 6

    Thank you for voting for me for favorite vocalist!!! I'm tickled with joy. You're the best and you made my day!

  • @ajna1960  Mar 5

    Re quality lyrics hmmmmmm I might know someone 😉 I do 50/90. The pace is less frantic and there are a lot less folks doing it. It's still a lot of fun and the FAWM chat room that some of us use, stays open 365 days a year anyway. Good way to communicate.
    If you are serious about collabing, contact me as soon as you want, as I work full time at it 😀

  • @ajna1960  Mar 5

    Please make sure you return to FAWM in 2018, and there is also FAWM's sister site, 50/90, from July 1st to the end of Sept 😀 a lot of the same folks do that.

  • @ampersandman  Mar 3

    Wow, thanks a lot for listening to the album (or first bit since there are 3-4 songs yet to be written) and for your kind words which made me really glad. Much appreciated.

  • @johncrossman  Mar 3

    I really like what you've done here this year! Glad I bumped into you. It's too late for watchlisting, but I'm optimistically adding you for next year.

  • @reggiestyte Mar 1

    Thanks for taking a trip to "The Unknown" & the comments!

  • @guatecoop  Feb 28

    Isn't FAWM fun? Glad you are here!

  • @michaelsalamone Feb 26

    Thanks for the kind comment. Brass: (and a lot of other stuff) Hybrid of Kontakt patches played then tweaked and accompaniment from friends and myself, then tweaked some more in the mix until I feel it. Tends to be my process these last few years, compose/record with tech, then try to replace or remix w/as much real world as possible/affordable. Now I just need some of that Japanese software to replace my singing with a robot. lolz.

  • @enigma4711  Feb 25


    Thank you for your comment on "the fool's Serenade". Unfortunately you were not right on the pop quiz. And thank god, Superman flying drunkenly would be disastrous haha.

    - Rasmus

  • @dawn1 Feb 20

    Thank you for your kind comment on my lyric for 'the gift' - your song for the skirmish is awesome 😀

  • @iveg Feb 2017

    I think the guilty feeling is called "normal" 😀

  • @guatecoop  Feb 2017

    I think that guilt is a first year thing. Each year, I get progressively better at managing my time and tasks. The camaraderie and exchange with others also became more evident and important as my first FAWM progressed.

  • @natalieedelson  Feb 2017

    Thanks for your kind words on "heartbeats" 🙏

  • @jacobmorales  Feb 2017

    @hazeyjohnii thanks. I see what you mean about the lack of a punching chorus. That's a common critique I get. I haven't quite broke thru that ceiling yet. I know how to build up to bigger choruses but often keep them tame. For this track I wanted that chorus to feel like a repetitive mantra.....speaker no to myself mostly. Thanks!

  • @squeakmouse73 Feb 2017

    Thank you, sir, for your encouragement. Cheers!

  • @guatecoop  Feb 2017

    Oh you just rule...your comment was very timely and appreciated. I LOVE Funkadelic. I loved your comment, too. Thank you.

  • @jacobmorales  Feb 2017

    @hazeyjohnii welcome to the fold!

  • @lurspetka Feb 2017

    Thanks for the comment on my song, I really appreciate it!

  • @caseewilson  Feb 2017

    A fellow Yorkie! Welcome! 😁

  • @guatecoop  Jan 2017

    Welcome! Best wishes to you!

  • @woodmeister  Jan 2017

    Welcome to FAWM! Nothing better to get the songwriting machine cranking out tunes again, and York is a lovely place for inspiration too. Hope you have a good one.

  • @bhaile  Jan 2017

    Have fun!

  • @nancihobson1  Jan 2017

    Welcome to FAWM! It's great to have a room to yourself. I understand how you feel, I live in a house with three kids and a husband and I'm never alone. Looking forward to listening !

  • @rj1  Jan 2017

    Welcome to FAWM and will be happy to lend an ear! Happy FAWMing!

  • @debs  Jan 2017

    Welcome to FAWM, and hearty congrats on having a room to make noise in! I think you'll find that you shall finish many a thing! 😀 Looking forward to listening!

  • @judypie Jan 2017

    Hey, welcome! I feel you I'm not being very good at finishing stuff, story of my life. For song-writing I have a new idea daily that literally NEVER sees it through to completion. But FAWM is a great way to change that hopefully 😁 Enjoy!