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Clinton USA   Jul 2008

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Influences:   Eminem / T.I. / Yelawolf / Def Leppard / The Beatles / John Lennon / Michael Jackson / Freddie Mercury

It's been a few years since I've participated and I guess many things have changed with the times. Way less anger and no more alcohol. Since I've joined FAWM I've gotten married, divorced, depressed, hit bottom, drank a lot, got remarried, quit drinking, discovered happiness, embraced turning these kids (now teens) into young adults.

Lyrically I'm more and more prone voice social commentary than anything else. Musical goals would be to get better at playing guitar and bass.

Thanks for stopping by!

2018 - Fav Songs
1. Between The Lines : @theresaj
2. Failing : @faceofeinstein

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  • @musicbyzac 1 day

    Hey thanks for your comment on "Rebel Rider." I was going for a fun take on the perception of a "bad kid" of some parents and how they can grow into "good people" despite their outward appearance. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  • @mom23gals  2 days

    Thanks so much for taking the time to listen and comment on my most recent song. I too, hope that my mom's group will "regroup" in time. I am so far behind on thanking people this year, but please know I read and appreciate all the comments! 😀

  • @theresaj  2 days

    Thank you so much for your kind comment and for recommending my song! It means a lot to me.
    I emailed the piano track if you want to play around with it.

  • @faceofeinstein  2 days

    I appreciate the kind words and recommendations sir. Cheers.

  • @debs  2 days

    G!! Thank you so much for the constructive feedback! ❤️ Only if it's easy, I'd love to hear your take on the chorus timing. 😀

  • @theresaj  2 days

    George!!! So glad to see you back! You’ve been missed.

  • @brandondale72 4 days

    Thanks so much for your kind words on "Rain". Vocals ended up being a bit muddled by the piano, you're right they could be louder. Appreciate you checking out my music!

  • @andcarl  4 days

    Thanks for the feedback! I agree on the snare, I took the volume down a bit. I'm not a drummer, so not a whole lot of options here. Kind of a makeshift set. The "bass drum" is actually a floor tom on it's side.

  • @petra777  5 days

    Well it's about if I could only get 1 done of my own...

  • @cts  5 days

    Dude! I thought you had moved on to other endeavors. Glad to see you I. The space.

  • @mikegtz  6 days

    Welcome back, Gslade

  • @cowex  6 days

    Hey G! Thanks for the comment. If you want to get into glitching, you may want to check out the demo of Stutter Edit by iZotope. They make it pretty easy to trigger premade glitches using MIDI notes.

  • @faceofeinstein  3 weeks

    What up G?

  • @petra777  3 weeks


  • @stuartbenbow  5 weeks

    Happy Fawming