G-slab 8


Minneapolis USA   Jan 2006

Artist Bio

Influences:   The Radio, Records, CD's and Bands and Eric Distad, T-spoon, Jake M-wings, static captain, sacrificial glam, AutoClamp, Eric Everman, Todd Norem, IP Freely, Jim Christiansen, Bruce Dickinson (yes, THE Bruce Dickenson), That chick that slapped johnny's face, and all the other boys that are back in town for FAWM

This is my 5th Fawm.
my goals for this year are 1) come up with a style that works for me 2) jam with my pals more 3) have lots more fun.


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  • @tspoon  2 weeks

    Congrats to you g. It was a grand return to fawm. I especially liked the T song. FYI carol and Anna loved it too!

  • @ericdistad  2 weeks

    Thanks for the comment on Slinging Code - Yeah, I had to resist singing "Singing Code". I may have to write some code to sing for next year! 😀

  • @ericdistad  3 weeks

    Hey G - Posting will still be active on the site until about 6:00 AM tomorrow morning, so if you end up going past midnight, you're probably ok.

  • @phoenixash 3 weeks

    Hey, just passing by to say that i'm in love with Orion Sails Past I keep coming back to hear it again.

  • @staticcaptain  5 weeks

    So glad to see you back here G. Can I call you 'G'? How bout 'Slab'?

    Edit: Love your influences. When I read that, maaan I just fell about the place.

  • @rustyp  5 weeks

    Thanks for your kind comments! 😀
    I ended up with three takes on the vocal. So I ran one take through a big delay and pulled it down a ways, and then put an undelayed take up front. What I didn't expect was the cool effect that would happen because each take was a little different, so they're not quite alined, and that created more echo type stuff. I was pretty pleased with the effect too. 😀

  • @mmmmarcus  6 weeks

    Thanks a lot for the comment on "Into the Deep". When you assume control of the world you will ofcourse be allowed to use my track, haha 😁

  • @tspoon  6 weeks

    wow... after a 10 year hiatus? what the what?

  • @ericdistad  7 weeks

    GSLAB! Are you back? I'm hoping so! If so, we need to make some music together!