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Massachusetts USA   Feb 2016

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Influences:   lately: BeyoncΓ©, Lamb, Magnetic Fields, XTC

No bio for this fawmer. 😞


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  • @kovbleu  Mar 7

    Thanks so much for your comment on "Are You Listening?" - I really appreciate it! I'm trying to catch up on listening. I really liked your first song I listened to so I've watchlisted ya! Great voice! I'll be be back to hear more. πŸ˜€

  • @postcardhelicopters  Mar 2

    The #mouthnoise challenge was a lot of fun! Here's a really great example by @frenchcricket :

  • @owl  Feb 27

    thanks so much for your comments!

  • @loveonamixtape  Feb 27

    Hey cool! Thanks for commenting on and wanting to take a stab at "douleur exquise"! (But, obviously no pressure, especially at this point in FAWM!) I had a clearish idea in my head for the melody/music when I wrote it, but I'm happy to see what someone else comes up for it. And ha, I'm pretty sure all "fawmtronica" means is "as well produced as anyone can bother when we're all trying to write a song every other day." πŸ˜‰ I just went on a FAWM listening binge yesterday and there was a lot of good, groovy, electronic tracks, so I guess that's kind of where my head was at when I wrote the lyric. I guess the main thing, was I was thinking a pretty rhythmic, even delivery on the "beautiful best friend" verses. Happy to talk more, either on here or over email (in my profile) if you decide to play around with it! Either way, thanks for your comments!

  • @teapot Feb 26

    Thanks for your comment- so encouraging for moi. I shall be checking your songs put too!

  • @sph  Feb 26

    Funny how some things can be so easy. The riff for my none-hit-wonder-king just appeared when I started recording. During writing the lyrics it had some other chord progression.

  • @powerstars Feb 26

    Thanks for the comments on Coffee (Without Cream) and Sweet Release! To answer your question, I use a pair of children's bongos I got from a Goodwill from $3. 😝

  • @itoarazi Feb 24

    Brilliant. I think "Be Dissatisfied" might not leave me as the title suggests...but other collabs are definitely welcome, as well!

  • @forrandom Feb 21

    Thanks for checking out a few of the songs on my songboard! Funny story---had no idea there was some nice animated vocalization on there from my roommate in the other room hahaha great catch!

  • @sph  Feb 20

    Thanks for listening and the nice words. I immediately had to check what google translate does with Ben's lyrics: the translation is good.
    Strangely it's quite hard for me to do a german song.

  • @fonte  Feb 15

    Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment on 'fruit' - yeah I don't usually 'enjoy' singing but I was enjoying saying 'storayyyy' like that while the synth was wobbling - so a great comment on that and very much appreciated!

  • @itoarazi Feb 15

    Yes, Worcester and the Berkshires are two wholly different worlds. πŸ˜‰ And thank you for your kind comments on my songs!! I tru;y appreciate it.

    I shall listen to your songs tomorrow when I'm not DJing and I can actually hear them. Sensible, really.

    Anyway, thank you so much and look forward to hearing this!

  • @tunecat  Feb 14

    Fab version of "Just perfection" wow... Good question. Here I'm tune cat, on soudcloud I'm honeymoonhill and in real life I'm Liz Armour. Maybe the latter. Loved the version. Totally unexpected. Great chords, great singing, great production.. and my lyrics. What's not to love? I'm bowled over.

  • @scubed  Feb 11

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my Auntie sin seed song! πŸ˜€

  • @tunecat  Feb 8

    Hi there. Thanks for getting back to me. I just realised I could have simply posted the lyrics here.. Which is what I've done... They're "Just perfection" but I'll email them also, and send a drum loop (if you feel like using it) that I wrote it to. Excited πŸ˜€ I've only managed three collabs in total and they were all really great experiences. πŸ˜€

  • @tunecat  Feb 5

    Hi there. I thought I'd messaged re yours. I have written some lyrics.. but just checking I'm still on track as I lost a couple of days due to a flu type bug. How do I send the lyric?

  • @kevinemmrich  Feb 5

    Feel free to work on my super bowl skirmish. You have permission to change anything you feel needs changing! Have fun.

  • @sph  Jan 29

    Hi! Nice to see you