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Massachusetts USA   Feb 2016

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Influences:   lately: BeyoncΓ©, Lamb, Magnetic Fields, XTC

No bio for this fawmer. 😞


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  • @forrandom 2 days

    Thanks for checking out a few of the songs on my songboard! Funny story---had no idea there was some nice animated vocalization on there from my roommate in the other room hahaha great catch!

  • @sph  2 days

    Thanks for listening and the nice words. I immediately had to check what google translate does with Ben's lyrics: the translation is good.
    Strangely it's quite hard for me to do a german song.

  • @fonte  1 week

    Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment on 'fruit' - yeah I don't usually 'enjoy' singing but I was enjoying saying 'storayyyy' like that while the synth was wobbling - so a great comment on that and very much appreciated!

  • @itoarazi 1 week

    Yes, Worcester and the Berkshires are two wholly different worlds. πŸ˜‰ And thank you for your kind comments on my songs!! I tru;y appreciate it.

    I shall listen to your songs tomorrow when I'm not DJing and I can actually hear them. Sensible, really.

    Anyway, thank you so much and look forward to hearing this!

  • @tunecat 1 week

    Fab version of "Just perfection" wow... Good question. Here I'm tune cat, on soudcloud I'm honeymoonhill and in real life I'm Liz Armour. Maybe the latter. Loved the version. Totally unexpected. Great chords, great singing, great production.. and my lyrics. What's not to love? I'm bowled over.

  • @scubed  1 week

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my Auntie sin seed song! πŸ˜€

  • @tunecat 2 weeks

    Hi there. Thanks for getting back to me. I just realised I could have simply posted the lyrics here.. Which is what I've done... They're "Just perfection" but I'll email them also, and send a drum loop (if you feel like using it) that I wrote it to. Excited πŸ˜€ I've only managed three collabs in total and they were all really great experiences. πŸ˜€

  • @tunecat 2 weeks

    Hi there. I thought I'd messaged re yours. I have written some lyrics.. but just checking I'm still on track as I lost a couple of days due to a flu type bug. How do I send the lyric?

  • @kevinemmrich  2 weeks

    Feel free to work on my super bowl skirmish. You have permission to change anything you feel needs changing! Have fun.

  • @sph  3 weeks

    Hi! Nice to see you