gazebo 14


Nuneaton UK   7 weeks

Artist Bio

Songwriter and home recordist keen to see how much can be achieved in one month!


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  • @cloudhopper 2 weeks

    thank you for your kind comment for "outlaw country man" and yes, we will get the song up and running to play at shows.
    we are more of a folksy eclectic band so i originally started writing the song to make fun of outlaw country music but it ended up being kind of serious i guess.

  • @donna  4 weeks

    Regarding the album: I still need to place the songs on Bandcamp, and on my own Reverbnation page. Your question reminded me. 😉

  • @donna  4 weeks

    Hi, gazebo. 😉 Another 'Songstuffer' here, 😉

    By the way, if you want to respond to someone's comment, you need to go to their Soundboard and post it there. They won't see it if you post it on your own Soundboard.

  • @pabrizzer 5 weeks

    Thanks for the visit to Is This What You Came For?

  • @gazebo 6 weeks

    Thank you. This is my first FAWM - motivated and excited today, I guess that might change before the end of the month.

    Good luck!

  • @tootoobee  6 weeks

    Hallo und viel Spaß 😀