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Winnipeg Canada   Feb 2014  

Artist Bio

Frozen Lonesome is the creative outlet of Steve Raizen. Creating and recording on IOS devices and hardware synths, Frozen Lonesome produces apptronica, ambient string-fuzz and generally pleasing electronic noise.

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  • @brendaberezan Feb 9

    Hey, thanks for your thoughts on Transmergence. There is a synth pad on this track and adding other sounds is a possibility, although keeping it simple is good too. I consider myself a lapsed piano player, slowly getting muscle memory these songs are experiments for me to reclaim this instrument.

  • @soulbird Feb 9

    thanks for comments on 'red rose guitar'

  • @engebretsen  Feb 4

    Thx for comments on "If I Said I´m Sorry" and "Smooth and soft" Much appreciated. I soon listen to your stuff.

  • @mungus  Feb 3

    Thanks for listening man, I really appreciate it

    Funny thing is I got the same feedback last year about the mix of my vocals - I tend to stack 2 or 3 vocals together (and then not edit them any..) So they often get muddy and mistake something louder as being clearer

    Excited to hear more from you too, thanks for the vocals compliment.

  • @beat  Feb 3

    Nice to read that you’re in this year.