frogspawn 14


Innamincka SA 5731 Australia   Mar 2016  

Artist Bio

It isn't easy, being an alter ego's alter ego.

For the record (ahem). @pointlessaccount's lyric output was picked up after getting off the ship on 2 March, and music and recording then went from 2pm-4pm before post-cruise exhaustion set in. @frogspawn fired up again at 10am on 3 March, finishing at 3:30 PM. So: A post-FAWM FAWM in 7.5 hours. Was it worth it? You'll have to listen to work that out.


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  • @karan  Mar 3

    Well spawned, oh mighty frog! Keep up your clandestine doings - the secret of your existence is safe with me! 😉

  • @karan  Mar 2

    *Whahaha* Took me a while to discover this! Good thing I did!