Anya (French Cricket) 10


  Jan 2009

Artist Bio

Influences:   Chelsea Manning, ANOHNI, cLOUDDEAD, Jenny Hval, Oneohtrix Point Never, Burial

PN: She/her

I might be around for the odd tune but highly doubtful it'll be full FAWM. Just too busy with university I'm afraid!

**I am super super busy so, apologies for being rubbish - this is a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has left a comment**


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  • @adforperu  17 hours

    Oh yeah, duh. I guess it was less a running commentary and more an instant review! Maybe I could chat at the end end of each verse, that'd be good. Crikey, and did suggest doing that at all times?!

  • @adforperu  1 day

    Ha, for lyrics you mean?! Julie always asks me what I mean line by line... can get embarrassing when it means fuck all........

  • @tunecat 2 days

    Thanks so much for your comments on my track "Waking up" I'll check out the Tuneyards.

  • @paulh1237  2 days

    Note to self: Name tracks better, people do sometimes use the magic download button

  • @thelowestbitter  3 days

    Ha yeah I ended up with a fair few “jazzzz” tracks too and thought about calling the song that, but I liked that cryptic clue as both a title and lyric so just kept that. Definitely tagging it #jazzzz though

  • @judypie  4 days

    I have played with auto tune on garage band but hate the effect! I always turn it off, literally prefer missing the note! And as stupid as I may sound, I genuinely didn't know that practising scales would help me with this so I will get on that when FAWM ends thank you! Assuming there's a YouTube vid to help me?!

  • @cnidaria  5 days

    Got it! Just sent you back some feedback.

  • @cnidaria  1 week

    Got it! I’ll take a look at it in the next couple days and see what I come up with.

  • @hanley  1 week

    Ha, I would like to teach the kids my new song but there’s about 10 chords for them to learn so it could take a few years!

  • @paulh1237  1 week

    Haha - it's my infamous zoom pedal! I love my zoom pedal. It makes my guitar sound like an old Casio keyboard trying to sound like a guitar.

  • @cnidaria  1 week

    Yeah, send them my way as is.

  • @shortdan  1 week

    Oh no, that one is still sitting there half finished! This was literally something I put together when I got home tonight. I’m on holiday from tomorrow afternoon so the real fun starts then! 😀

  • @cnidaria  1 week

    That sounds perfect. Wasn’t familiar with Broadcast, but I looked them up and liked the sound. Will have to check more of their stuff out later.

    Feel free to email me once you have something. My email is linked on my page.

  • @cnidaria  1 week

    Glad you responded to my collab post. Writing it was partially inspired by stumbling upon some really cool electronic stuff on here this morning, yours included. Was there something you have already you wanted to add vocals too? Or were thinking of starting fresh?

  • @thelowestbitter  1 week

    Thanks for the comment! Yeah, the queer gig scene in Glasgow is great and filled with awesome people who are in no way elitist or (for the most part) cooler-than-thou, I know it's mainly me projecting my own insecurities on people who just happen to have better clothes and hair than me!

  • @vomvorton  2 weeks

    I have indeed seen Click, but hadn't thought about it in years (I agree that it is Quite Poor) - the concept had potentially been lurking in my brain since then though, stirred from slumber by hangover.

  • @stephenwordsmith  2 weeks

    Hello, again.

    I have decided to move the release date of the album back to March (it was getting a little too late in January - my audience's focus was more than starting to shift towards the preparing of studios and other such tasks).

    If you can find some time this month to send me a file for So Far, So Good, I'll be able to make my final preparations. Thanks again.

  • @shortdan  2 weeks

    Thought so! I loves it too 😀

  • @vomvorton  2 weeks

    Immediately after commenting on your first song my phone buzzed to remind me that it has been six years since Flash a Shine of Light. Where does the time go!?

  • @mikeskliar  2 weeks

    welcome back, and hope you have time for at least a few songs this fawm! 😀

  • @tobermory  3 weeks


  • @owl  3 weeks

    I hope you manage to find some time for FAWM this year!

  • @alboe 3 weeks

    Hope you will be able to find a bit of time, I always enjoy your music.

  • @cts  3 weeks

    Hey Anya! Have a great FAWM and a great semester at university!

  • @shortdan  3 weeks

    Ha... well not far off!!

  • @tinattd  3 weeks

    University > FAWM? what are these priorities? 😁 have a great one!

  • @cairobraga 4 weeks

    I'm living for your influence list! also I want your hair colour, hahahaha! have a great FAWM, Anya!

  • @shoehaze 4 weeks

    Awesome seeing cLOUDDEAD as an influence. And Chelsea! Definitely following for whatever you do this FAWM

  • @nuj4x 4 weeks

    Thank you for your response on my thread! I got beats, risers, drops, beeps, and bloops! I shall bring them forth unto this FAWM and leave an audio footprint on your cricket’d noggin! 😁

  • @kahlo2013  4 weeks

    Cheers! Great picture! And I hope if time allows we will hear some of your awesome music!!!

  • @kahlo2013  4 weeks

    Cheers! Great picture! And I hope if time allows we will hear some of your awesome music!!!

  • @krayzie003  4 weeks

    Hope you get a few songs in. Would love to listen.

  • @karlsburg25  4 weeks

    Bloody uni hey!! Still greetings x

  • @stephenwordsmith  5 weeks

    Awesome. Thank you. Look forward to it.

  • @expendablefriend  5 weeks

    Ah....busy times...can't argue with that. Here's hoping you find time for a few "odd tunes" along the way, though 😁

  • @stephenwordsmith  5 weeks

    Hi, Anya.

    Couldn't find your e-mail on your profile. I noticed there was one on your C-is-for-Calculus page, but wasn't sure if that was current.

    The upshot was that I am planning to release a free-to-download compilation of my favourite recent collabs on Bandcamp, and would like to include 'So Far, So Good on it'. If you're happy for the track you made to be a part of it, I humbly request the following things:

    1) Your assent
    2) Some details for the liner notes, i.e. how you'd like to be credited, what you played on the track, and your website so I can link to you from the album
    3) A copy of the track (mp3 or wav, I can convert it at my leisure).

    You can send everything to me at


  • @stephenwordsmith  5 weeks

    Hi, Anya. I've sent you a message through the 5090 site re: our collaboration 'So Far, So Good' and my awfully big plans for the track.

    If that isn't a useful way to get in touch, let me know via soundboard and I can use whichever channel you prefer.

    Hope you're well and not too busy.

  • @balancelost  5 weeks

    S'up Anyaaa. Make music. It's the only way.

  • @shortdan  5 weeks

    Anya! We skipped our annual collab last year didn't we? Hoping we can go back to business as usual this time around 😀

  • @writeandwrong  5 weeks

    Best of luck to you during FAWM 2018!

  • @adforperu  5 weeks

    Come on Anya, time to put all that uni work in a drawer and forget about it for 28 days...

  • @fuzzy  5 weeks

    Anya!! I'm hoping you can find the time to make some music!
    FAWM wouldn't be the same without you!!