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Influences:   Debussy, Monk, old video games, Shibuya-kei

I released a free album in 2015! Get it:

i think i'm in for 2018 ??? ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌ ???

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#1 bubbleflower 19
Feb 8
#2 goldfish 10
Feb 16


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  • @anonymouse Feb 21

    I think you are right. Key press is invisible when it translates as we expect it to. So to have the action not performed is jarring.

    As humans we experience response delays all the time but they are OUR bodily delays. [i'm preaching Spinoza]

    The thing is, though, I think there's a tendency in video games to have key presses function regardless of ... I know in some fighting games you can cancel a kick or punch mid cycle to pull off some other move. Also in mario [original] could you change direction mid air? My feeling is that you could. So it seems to me there is an expectation on games to /not/ limit us in a way that in real life we are.

    Yes, i collected them in the right order, but my feeling was that I still had too many coins to fit... maybe i fluked it 😏 lol. I thought I had worked out a way to get "too-many" coins to slide through a block (because when you jump, as the coins reach their apex and start to fall back to the pile it seems to allow this -perhaps this was an illusion). Yea -brilliant job

  • @anonymouse Feb 18

    I was thinking about that when playing 'why should we expect keypress to automatically have effect'? It's like computer games are a sort of slave-owner dream "run little man, run!". Any indication that we are not in absolute control...
    Suggestion: could have an animation when the guy lands with his knees bending on impact and be unable to trigger next movement til it had finished, OR if you want to be really annoying you could use the famous windows DuH! sound "Action not valid!!"

    Played Mr Money a bit, level 3 (I think) seemed trickiest of the ones I played (up to 6 or so) because it seemed to require a trick with the money. I do like those sorts of things.

  • @anonymouse Feb 17

    Are you philosophically opposed to games in which you can win?
    One note, there seems to be a delay when changing key-actions in the game. I.e. you jump, land, but for a moment you cannot do the down-arrow to blow air, or you form a bubble but then a delay before you can jump. Deliberate? In the latter case I think the 'form bubble' action is still visible, but no visual cue for the delay of the former.

  • @anonymouse Feb 16

    Bubble game is cool. and challenging! I like the distortion of the audio when you die. 😀

  • @anonymouse Feb 8

    glad you found me here as I can't find any one 😉

  • @amelea Feb 8

    You're back! I couldn't remember your username, just the profile picture, so I'm glad I found you.

  • @nailcarelawncare Feb 7

    hi from the port of telefrog! i really hope to hear fresh new fluidvolt jams this year!!

  • @kendrakinsey Feb 4

    hi friend 😀

  • @miltz  Jan 30

    Hi, fluidvolt.