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Buffalo USA   Jan 2011

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Influences:   broken cars, busted pipes, leaden skies and tired eyes.

Let's just say that the Grown-up Coloring Books I received for Christmas sit nicely on top of the Strawberry Shortcake ones I bought for myself.

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  • @mikegtz  Feb 2016

    Hey there, I am around this time and sorry I am late to saying hello.

  • @bking  Feb 2016

    Hi there. Is this home to the evil twin? Or the fairy princess?

  • @timfatchen  Feb 2016

    Nor "Hi"'d, nor hare...

  • @sherrycanary  Feb 2016

    Yoo hoo
    Anybody home?

  • @rich Feb 2016

    hey hello...hope you are well.

  • @jibbidy34  Feb 2016

    Aw thankies for the kind words about 'Nothing Good'. I'm glad you liked it and thanks for listening x Georgie x

    EDIT: and yep, you nailed the whole meaning behind it with the heartbreak comment. You so totally get me haha x

  • @sheamiejay  Feb 2016

    Thanks for the comment. I like a happy/sad/comforting song too.

  • @sheamiejay  Feb 2016

    Hi yourself. Enjoy the month. Hope it's good to you!

  • @mom23gals  Feb 2016

    Thanks for listening to my song, and for your kinds comments!

  • @timfatchen  Feb 2016

    Not to push, but...are you writing?

  • @dennisjernberg  Feb 2016

    As a matter of fact, I've given myself permission to go wild this year. I intend to cut loose.

  • @gerrybhoy Feb 2016

    Hi Mari, have a great FAWM.

  • @juoppis  Feb 2016

    Thanks for your comment on my song! Hope to hear your tunes as well!

  • @gardeningangel1 Feb 2016

    Hello, yes, I like to be creative with my wordification.Your bio cracked me up. Happy fawming!

  • @alebrou  Feb 2016

    Thank you so much for your comment on my song. Musical.... I can certainly live with that Would love to write one again (wrote 5 at the end of last century).
    Anyway: so happy to read your opnion!! TNX!

  • @donna  Feb 2016

    And 'beautiful one' back at you, Mari. Great to see you here.

  • @tomslatter  Feb 2016

    Hello! Yes, I'lloyds have a go at setting some lyrics if you'very got any you'do like me to look at.

  • @cts  Feb 2016

    Hey - do you use Skype? Does anybody still use Skype? I have need of wailing and Jelly Factory operator vox.

  • @musicsongwriter Feb 2016

    Hello Mari

  • @lhcisco Feb 2016


  • @auditasum Feb 2016


  • @darcistrutt  Feb 2016

    Good to see your name on my Soundboard! Hope you have a wonderful creative February! You are one of the ones that inspired me to jump into this world to begin with

  • @haim Jan 2016

    Happy fawming to you too Mari !

  • @marvsmooth  Jan 2016


  • @johnstaples  Jan 2016

    Hiya Mari! Hope you are FAWMing this year!!!

  • @barbara  Jan 2016

    it isn't FAWM until EM arrives to lance and lasso...

  • @downburst  Jan 2016

    Haven't heard nor a whisper from you in a long time. Hope you're OK.

  • @dennisjernberg  Jan 2016

    *also waves*
    I await what flowers may bloom.

  • @petra777  Jan 2016