ethomas87 4


Wales UK   Jan 2017

Artist Bio

Influences:   My life and what's going on around me.

Singer/songwriter based in the UK. I love music; listening to it, creating my own, sharing it (I present a radio show) and making suggestions to friends. I wrote my first proper song when I was around 21 to try to win a guy back. Didn't get the guy but did get the songwriting bug and here I am 😀 Looking forward to sharing my stuff and hearing yours 😀

Songs (4)

#1 I'm Here Now 8
Feb 7
#2 It Was Only A Dream 6
Feb 9
#3 This is Life 4
Feb 18
#4 Cheesy Pizza Song 8
Feb 22


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    Have no idea how, I got a double post... sorry'bout that. Can't delete' everything, either. So, just chang'in the content... here.

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    Hey!, where r the other 11!!?? 😝 ... no pressure 😉

    Edit: 10 ! 😝

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    Hello 👍🏻