Erik Leppen 14


Netherlands   Feb 14  

Artist Bio

New in 2018 and enjoying myself 😀

I'm a hobbyist, toying around with LMMS (currently). I don't "produce", I just like making things. Most of it never meets other people, so FAWM is a great experiment for me for multiple reasons 😀 Other creative things I do, are game development, LEGO, pixelart, and drawing portraits.

I started taking keyboard lessons at age 7. A few years later, my dad had a computer with a sound card, and Cubasis Audio, and I discovered you could "design" music. As I like designing more than performing, my music is all digital.

My songs all start nameless; they get titles when I think of anything, But if you associate any song with anything, I'd like to know (I often name things by association). Sometimes I do lyrics, but only in Dutch. Also, I don't sing, so they probably won't make an appearance this month.

When I tell people I make music, and they ask, what genre, then to be honest I don't really know. (I think "happy" is not a genre). So if you have any ideas, I'd like to hear 😀 Also, if, after hearing some of my stuff, you can suggest other pieces of software that would fit my style, I'd be glad to know about them.


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  • @resonut123 Feb 28

    Congratulations on making 14!

  • @alphanerg Feb 18

    Thank you for the comment on Passive Attack. I appreciate you letting me know about the the one synth. The only headphones i have are really cheap ones, i think they are cutting out the really high end stuff. Maybe I need to EQ out more of the high end. Unfortunately i used that synth in most of my songs this year! Would you be so kind as you check out one of my other songs and let me know if it has the same issue? "Digital Human Freight" starts with that synth right away.

  • @the7thnight Feb 18

    Hi! Are you still interested in the collaboration? I just came up with some lyrics and a melody, no chords yet. If you're game, let me know the best way to send you the materials 😀

  • @brrrse  Feb 14

    I'm glad I could help! This is an amazing place with amazing people.

  • @resonut123 Feb 14

    Erik, thanks for the nice comment on my song- Repercussions.