Darren Hill 3


Cambrian Cl UK   Jan 2012


Artist Bio

Influences:   The mountain goats, John Maus, John Foxx, William D Drake, the Cardiacs, Gary Numan, Moby, the magnetic fields, Nick Cave and the late great Mr Bowie

Right, here we go again. Everything lined up, guitar, ukulele, Logic Pro, soft synths and sequencers on the iPad... everything to help me procrastinate. I wonder where the songs will take me this year.

Songs (3)

#1 eternity 2
Feb 22
#2 fate 1
Feb 22
#3 Veronica 1
Feb 22


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  • @entropicon Feb 22

    Finally sharing stuff

  • @entropicon Feb 2017

    Hey, how am I doing?
    I’m glad you asked. Usually, at about this time, I am falling behind and already considering quitting. However, so far things are going really well.

    I began with a concept in my head. I wanted to pay homage to my late 70s early 80s musical soundtrack. In particular the music on Fiction and Factory records. That’s basically The Cure, Joy Division, New Order, Cabaret Voltaire, Section 25 and a few others. I came up with a name for the concept ‘Narrative Assembly’ can you see what I did there? And, well, it has been going very well.

    I am ahead of schedule and I’ll soon be sharing the music. I must admit, I seem to be having far too much fun for a challenge, reimagining the sound that Martin Hannett and others crafted way back when. So much fun in fact, that I’m off to play some more…