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Seattle USA   Oct 2014

Artist Bio

Influences:   My music is a combo of new age, jazz, impressionism, and maybe even a bit of pop.

I'm a software engineer who plays piano in my free time (i.e. when I should be sleeping).

I've written 4 albums so far, which you can listen to at the links below:
1. Places in the Grove (2014)
2. Next Time For Sure (FAWM 2015)
3. Paw (2015)
4. I Just Want to Graduate (FAWM 2016)

Bandcamp: https://elliottlawrence.bandcamp.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/elliottneversl...

I usually try to leave a comment for everyone who takes the time to listen to my music, but if I don't get around to it for some reason, THANK YOU anyway for stopping by! 😀

My album for FAWM 2017 will be called 'Weights', and every song will be a weight that has had some significance to me (usually a person I know).


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  • @audrey  Mar 12

    Thank you for your kind words on my song "Christmas Memories". I appreciate it. Look forward to hearing more of your music next year.

  • @alphanerg Mar 6

    Thank you for listening and for all of your comments! Maybe next year you can start doing electronic music, I think you would like it 😀

  • @js6  Feb 24

    Thank you for your comment on A Man in the Desert! My singing was okay but my pronounciation sounds like I have potatoes in my mouth lol 😁

  • @benbarden  Feb 22

    Thanks so much for your comment on "Departure" - glad you enjoyed it! Also, a slightly belated thank you for your comment on "Synthetic Dreams" 😀

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 22

    Thank you for your kind words on My sailor song!

  • @tjeff  Feb 14

    Thx so much for your feedback on "All For Nothing" - I appreciate it!

  • @timfatchen  Feb 13

    In Audacity, applying a smidgin of equaliser will reduce the issue. Their High Pass Filter takes away too much bass, so it is best done manually in the Equalizer. You just need to tweak the various bass frequencies to get a nice bass without the booming running. Do it before you amplify up though.

  • @timfatchen  Feb 13

    Elliott, the clarity issues happens to me too specifically with rhodes-style patches. The notes linger and start booming, especially in phones. Ways I've cut it down: damp the reverb a bit post-recording. Use less sustain pedal, more control on sustain by fingers. What DAW are you actually recording on?

  • @martinneuhold Feb 12

    Thanks so much for your comment...you made my face turn red 😉

  • @boyatheart  Feb 11

    Thanks for your very generous comment on my song. 😀

  • @haim  Feb 9

    Hi man, How about a fun heart breaking collaboration?? Your sound on fire this year! glad to see you here again.

  • @ampersandman  Feb 6

    Thanks for your nice words on my tune. It means much to me. Happy FAWMing!