ellen cherry 2


Baltimore USA   Jan 2005


Artist Bio

Influences:   cyndi lauper, david wilcox, neil diamond, carole king, radiohead, lyle lovett, words in books and painting and stuff

FAWM 2018 wuzzzup!! Hoping to crank out at least a few this year. Andrew Grimm and I are working on a podcast (link below) hope you'll check it out.


Previous Bio:

Still, after 20 years of trying, virtually a dust speck on the velvet underground cover band circuit in Maryland, ellen cherry has been watching as Andrew Grimm has been writing and performing well written songs that he shares with 2 or 3 people at a time. Usually these sharing sessions occur in bars while the 2 or 3 people are talking about their problems. Sometimes, I am their problem.

Why Aren't You Famous? Podcast with FAWMers Andrew Grimm & ellen cherry here:



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  • @johnfahres Feb 27

    Great to see you on here! And I've made about the same progress. two in the bag with two days to go! LOL! Cheers!